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According to the United Nations the Earth Is Beginning to Die

Oct 19 2018 A landmark report from the United Nations' scientific panel on climate change paints a far more dire picture than previously thought. To avoid damages from the immediate consequences of climate change, the world economy must be transformed at a speed and scale that has "no documented historic precedence." The report was issued on... read more

Turtle Thief Nabs More Than One Hundred Tortoises from the Galapagos

Oct 12 2018 Turtle Theft The Galapagos Islands. This volcanic archipelago west of Ecuador are known for the vast number of unique species and Charles Darwin's evolutionary investigation. On October ninth, the islands were also home to turtle theft. An estimated 123 Giant Tortoises, one of the island's most popular species, were stolen from a... read more

How to Have a Happy “Ecoween” and Go Green This October

Oct 10 2018 It's October tenth. This means that spooky season has begun and everyone is thinking about what to do for Halloween. Whether you celebrate spooky Halloween, scary Halloween, fun Halloween, or a combination of the three, Halloween traditions were invented before the environment was a major concern. Thankfully, there are ways to change... read more
plastic straws

Endless Shrimp? Yes. Endless Plastic Straws? No Thanks!

Oct 4 2018 Red Lobster has joined the likes of Starbucks, Hilton Hotels, and American Airlines in saying "no way" to plastic straws. On Tuesday, October second, the restaurant chain announced that if you would like a straw, you now have to ask for one. Plastic straws will no longer be automatically handed out; they plan on phasing out the use of... read more

You Can’t Throw Stones in a Glass House; But What About Plastic?

Sep 30 2018 A Different Kind of Upcycling A project in Nigeria is tackling plastic pollution and youth unemployment by building houses out of plastic bottles and sand. In a neighborhood about 20 km (about 12 miles) from the Nigerian capital Abuja, the largest plastic house is in the middle of construction. More than 46,000 polyethylene... read more

The Honest Company and Earth + Eden Diapers Go End to End

Sep 26 2018 Amazon has, once again, re-entered the diaper market. Last November, Amazon entered the market for the first time since pulling the Amazon Elements line back in 2015. They launched a private label under the name Mama Bear. Now, they've added another line of diapers. This time, the label is called Earth + Eden (Earth AND Eden). Unlike... read more
Vin and Omi

Duo Vin and Omi Launch New Bin 2 Body Partnership and “Eco Religion”

Sep 20 2018 On September 14th, under the wrought-iron and glass ceiling of the Victorian train station, at St. Pancras, eco design duo Vin and Omi staged the brand's largest collection. With 70 looks, the Body 2 Bin line was launched in collaboration with the London College of Fashion. Passengers exiting the Eurostar train looked on with... read more
plastic bottle fashion

Don’t Throw It Out–Wear It! Plastic Recycling May Solve Fashion Pollution

Sep 18 2018 Old fishing nets, plastic bottles, and threadbare tires. These aren't things you would even begin to think of as textiles, but one eco-minded fashion firm is turning that waste into jackets, sneakers, and flip-flops in a rainbow of colors. Spanish company Ecoalf has recently opened a store in Berlin, Germany, and according to... read more

New Eco-Friendly Retailer Located near Hipster Birth Place

Sep 13 2018 On September 10th, in Downtown Blaine, Washington, the owners of eco-friendly retailer Rawganique opened their first, and currently only, brick-and-mortar store in the United States. After more than two decades on Denman Island, British Columbia (in Canada), the owners of this organic, vegan, unique clothing line purchased the former... read more

Saving the Bees Wins British Firefighter Shed of the Year

Sep 11 2018 With nearly 3,000 entries and 16,000 public votes, an eco-friendly bee haven has been crowned "Shed of the Year." Handmade by British firefighter George Smallwood, this Sheffield, England, shed pipes a converted black cab and an Irish pub to an esteemed position. Plus, it's a gardener's dream--self-watering, self-sufficient home for... read more
This apple is eaten on Rosh Hashanah, the holiday where bread is thrown into a river.

Eco Friendly Attitudes Lead to Holiday Ritual Changeup and River Cleanup

Sep 5 2018 This weekend, Sunday the 9th, is the start of Rosh Hashanah (ראש השנה)--the Jewish New Year. Celebrated on the first of Tishrei (September/October) (תשרי), this holiday marks the beginning of inner reflection and atonement for one's sins throughout the previous year. With modern attitudes becoming increasingly... read more

Suck up These Five Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic Straws

Aug 30 2018 Cathedral City, California, city council members voted unanimously to table a ban on plastic straws. If passed, the eateries--fast food restaurants, cafes, bars, even mom & pop locations--would have been banned from giving out plastic straws--including biodegradable and compostable options! This rule would also apply to organizations... read more
six pack

Six Packs: The Newest Ocean Friendly Companions

Aug 28 2018 A new eco-friendly alternative to six-pack rings is making its way onto store shelves. Eco Six Pack Rings, started in 2017 by three different groups, are made with all-natural ingredients. These include both straw and wheat fiber. While sturdy enough to hold six full-size cans, Eco Six Pack Rings are intended to fall apart if... read more
Bioplastic duck

Japanese Company Creates Earth Friendly Bioplastic

Aug 23 2018 Plants are the new plastic. Tokyo-based car accessory maker Mirareed started a project in 2014 to develop eco-friendly bioplastics using plants, among other biological resources. Some of these ingredients include: thinned Japanese cypress wood from Owase, in the Mie Prefecture; tea leaves from Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture; lotus root... read more

The Youngest South African Is Doing All He Can for the Oldest Animals

Aug 21 2018 Ten-year-old South African, Hunter Mitchell, is showing the world that you are never too young to do right by the planet. Hunter's efforts have him earning the International Young Eco-Hero award, given out by the organization Action for Nature. Earlier this year he also won the Eco-Youth Gold award at the Eco-Logic Awards in Cape Town,... read more