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Eco Gym

Humans Use Energy to Make Energy Across the Pond at Eco Gym

May 9 2018 Across the pond, the University of Brighton, in Brighton, England, is the first gym to use their own equipment to supply their facility with power. Ringmer-based Eco Gym converts human energy to utility-grade electricity while clients exercise. About 74 percent of the energy produced is fed back into the grid! Eco Gym is among the... read more
Gift Ideas For Mom

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas That Satisfy Mom and Mother Earth

May 6 2018 Mother's day is just around the corner. In exactly a week, we will be scrambling to purchase greeting cards and find presents that try to tell our mothers how much we appreciate all that they do for us. When it comes to buying gifts, however, being environmentally conscious isn't something everyone always thinks about. And choosing... read more
Earth Friendly Music Festivals

Earth Friendly Festivals Where You Can Still Have Way Too Much Fun

Apr 28 2018 Festival season is underway. With Coachella behind us and Sunfest fast approaching, Hatsume Fair last weekend, and Comic Con Revolution just two months ago, there are those who really enjoy festivals and conventions. But they aren't always the most Earth friendly places. With lots of trash, lots of energy usage, and lots of temporary... read more
Hunters Point Navy Base

Hunters Point Navy Base Cleanup ‘Biggest Case of Eco-Fraud in Us History’

Apr 15 2018 The "biggest case of eco-fraud in US history" is what an environmental advocacy group is calling the massive cleanup at the old Hunters Point Naval Base in San Francisco. The old naval base was once a dumping ground for radioactive material. The US Navy spent more than $1 billion to cleanup the soil so the area could be redeveloped... read more
Eco-Friendly Ships

Viking Pledges to Sail Sustainably with Two More Eco-Friendly Ships

Apr 6 2018 Vard Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of shipbuilder Fincantieri, reports that is has signed a letter of intent with cruise line Viking for the design and construction of two new cruise ships. This letter also includes an option for two more ships. Delivery is scheduled for the second quarters of 2021 and 2022. The new ships will be... read more

Plogging: The New Swedish Craze That Is “Sweeping” the Globe

Mar 29 2018 Plogging. Doesn't that sound like the hilarious sound you just heard an animal make on YouTube? This Swedish workout, a combination of jogging and the Swedish term for pick up, "plocka upp," is "sweeping" the globe! The concept is quite simple: rather than jogging past the garbage you see on your route without even eyeing it, ploggers... read more
Green Friendly Travel Apps

Travel Apps That Help Keep Your Carbon Footprint Low

Mar 25 2018 Summer is coming--and faster than you might think. With only 2 months left until travel season approaches, you might want to do some globe-trotting. Unfortunately, a paradox exists at the heart of having worldly adventures: you love the world and want to see more of its vast peoples and various cultures, but by going to these spectacular... read more
Styrofoam Packing Peanuts

Eco-Friendly Recyclable Styrofoam? Not in My Lifetime!

Mar 11 2018 Polystyrene foam, more commonly known by the brand name Styrofoam, is well known as the only materials that is completely unrecyclable....UNTIL NOW! Traditionally, the strength of atoms in styrofoam production not only gives it a long shelf life but this shelf life also transfers over to landfills. Styrofoam only breaks down through a... read more
New Major at Syracuse University

Syracuse University Making Higher Education Greener with New Major

Mar 8 2018 College just got greener. Syracuse University, in Syracuse, New York, has filed a proposal to create its first major with a broad focus on the relationship between humans and the planet. The new, integrated "Environment, Sustainability, and Policy" (ESP) major between SU and State University System of New York College of Environmental... read more
Seaweed Farming

Open-Water Farming Seaweed–The Grossest Thing in the Ocean

Mar 3 2018 Seaweed--whether you think it's the grossest thing in the ocean or a delicious addition to your favorite sushi, three women are farming it out in California. Even though California already serves up a third of the nation's vegetables, and two thirds of the fruits and nuts that we eat each year, excitement continues to grow. The... read more
High School Takes Eco-Carpentry Challenge

Nashoba Technical Valley High School Takes Eco-Carpentry Challenge

Feb 20 2018 Students in the carpentry program at Nashoba Technical Valley High School in Westford, Massachusetts, are learning to build not only furniture, but also a cleaner environment. The New England high school's carpentry and cabinetmaking program has entered this year's eighth annual Eco-Carpentry Challenge. This challenge promotes... read more
Air Canada Logo

Airline Industry Achievement Awards Eco-Airline of the Year? Air Canada

Feb 19 2018 Respected publication Air Transport World recently had their 44th annual Airline Industry Achievement Awards. The winner? Air Canada has been named the 2018 Eco-Airline of the year. ATW cited cited the carrier's commitment to emissions reduction as part of their environmental accomplishments. Air Canada achieved this through... read more
Eco-Friendly Fabric

Portland Textile Company Develops Waterproof Fabric That Doesn’t Pollute

Feb 17 2018 Have you ever heard of Gore Tex? This fabric, with a name more aptly suited to your favorite dinosaur, was the first that let water vapor out and didn't let physical water in. It's an extremely thin layer of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), most commonly known as Teflon. In use by multiple brands, including North Face, Adidas,... read more
Hawaii Dating

Hawaii Ranked Number Three Location for Eco-Friendly Dating

Feb 11 2018 Just Energy, a world leading company in renewable energy and green living, has ranked the state of Hawaii the number three location for eco-friendly singles in search of love. The Just Energy team pulled data on each state's singles per capita, creating a ranked list. The rankings also take into consideration how "green friendly" each... read more
Food Waste

Fight Food Waste with Your Phone: Apps That Curb Produce Pollution

Feb 6 2018 BOMBSHELL: As much as 40 percent of the food produced in America is not eaten. What happens to it? It ends up as food waste, contributing to climate change and making the world a stinkier place. And consumers share a great deal of the blame. The following four apps, however, can help you cut down on that blame and shame by helping to... read more