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Simple Tips on How to Begin Going Green in 2018

Simple Tips on How to Begin Going Green in 2018

Jan 9 2018 It's January, 2018, and most people have already made their New Year's Resolutions. These include things such as losing weight, changing careers, going back to school, spending more time with their families, (the ever popular) join a gym, among many others. Now it's almost 2 weeks into the new year and it's time to put these... read more
plastic waste

Shocking Video Shows Caribbean Sea Being Consumed by Plastic Waste

Dec 23 2017 Do you still use plastic grocery bags instead of reusable ones? What about plastic water bottles? Ziplock bags? Plastic garbage bags? Do you put your fruit and vegetables in plastic produce bags at the grocery store? Do you buy toilet paper that's wrapped in plastic instead of paper? If you answered yes to any of these questions... read more
For a green Hanukkah, buy soy-based candles for the menorah

5 Eco-Friendly Tips for a Green Hanukkah

Dec 15 2017 Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or are just interested in learning more about how to be eco-conscious, we've got five eco-friendly tips that will help change the way you think about certain holiday traditions. Here's to a happy and green Hanukkah! 1. Burn Clean Candles  Instead of using candles made from petroleum-based paraffin wax,... read more
Have a zero-waste holiday this year by replacing old traditions with eco-friendly ones.

4 Sure Ways to Have a Zero-Waste Holiday Season

Dec 12 2017 The holidays are a glorious time of year but the traditions we've come to know and love over the years have recently been found to have a devastating impact on the environment. Research by the London Cleaning System unveiled some troubling seasonal stats: 300,000 tonnes of card packaging is used around the holidays; enough to... read more
Do your part by only purchasing eco-friendly gifts for the holidays this year.

3 Ways to Help Make Holiday Shopping Eco-Friendly

Dec 9 2017 It's that time of year again. The Christmas music has begun playing, the sales are on, and holiday shoppers are in full force. As the holidays approach, now would be a good time (if you haven't already begun) to start thinking about what gifts you want to get for your family and friends. We've got three eco-friendly tips to help make... read more
These high-tech gadgets will help make for a more eco-friendly home

These 3 Eco-Friendly Home Gadgets Are Helping Save the Planet

Dec 8 2017 If one of your new year's resolutions is to make your home more eco-friendly, then you've come to the right place. From recycling to making your own cleaning products and reducing your waste, we've outlined sustainable cleaning tips that support an eco-friendly home but what about other ways you can reduce your carbon footprint like... read more
This new food packaging is biodegradable and edible.

You Can Now Eat Your Food Packaging Instead of Throwing It Away

Dec 4 2017 You might compost regularly, recycle, and take reusable bags with you to the grocery store but even the most eco-conscious might find it difficult to properly dispose of food wrappers – unless you're "zero-waste" girl of course. For the most part, food wrappers that encompass things such as granola bars and potato chips (made up of a... read more
This student traded her car in for an environmentally friendly van

Student, 22, Builds a $7,000 Environmentally Friendly Van

Dec 1 2017 If you care about the environment at all then there's a very good chance you monitor your carbon footprint which can be anything from driving a fuel-efficient or electric vehicle to making an effort to turn off lights and electronics you aren't using around the house. But would you ever consider selling your car and giving up the... read more
plastic bag

Diver Saves Sea Turtle After A Plastic Bag Became Lodged Down Her Throat

Nov 25 2017 Plastic is unnatural. It's toxic. It's no wonder why countries and states around the world are trying to ban plastic products and more importantly plastic bags. It's been one year since California banned single-use plastic bags and as the Los Angeles Times put it, "the world didn't end." In fact, plastic bags accounted for 3.1 percent... read more
Use reusable dinnerware for a more eco-friendly Thanksgiving.

3 Tips For a More Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Meal

Nov 23 2017 If you picture Thanksgiving – family, traditions, and of course food come to mind. With all the preparation that goes into orchestrating the perfect Thanksgiving meal, it can be easy to neglect the environment. Here are a few tips to ensure that doesn't happen this year and to help you prepare for a more eco-friendly... read more
The World's Most Toxic Countries Mapped

These Are the World’s Most Toxic Countries [Map Study]

Oct 14 2017 No matter where you live in the world, or how rich or poor your country is, you're bound to experience some level of pollution. However, there's a chance you might not be aware of just how toxic the area you live in really is. To find out, The Eco Experts, one of the largest solar comparison groups in the UK, analyzed data from 135... read more
reusable bags

How You Can Use Reusable Bags Beyond The Grocery Store

Oct 10 2017 By now, you should be taking reusable grocery bags with you every time you go to the grocery store but your uses for reusable bags can and should go beyond the grocery store. Here's a look at some of the other ways you can use those reusable bags. Shopping Sprees  Whether you're heading to the mall, Home Goods, or your local farmers... read more
Green living blogs you should have bookmarked if you don't already

The 3 Best Green Living Blogs to Live By

Oct 7 2017 Green living simply means making daily sustainable lifestyle choices that reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. Some green living behaviors include recycling, buying local, reducing the amount of energy you use, and driving fuel-efficient or electric cars (or not driving at all, of course). Other green habits people might adopt... read more
Empty sauce and jam jars are great examples of household items that you can reuse and repurpose.

3 Home Items That You Can Reuse Again and Again

Oct 6 2017 At Custom Earth Promos, we're all in favor of EPA's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle campaign, but this time, we thought we'd add upcycling to the list. Here are three ways you can reuse home items and save them from ending up in landfills: Clothes, Towels, and Bedding The next time you clean out your closet, don't throw anything away because... read more
Some ways to make your office more Eco-friendly

3 Ways to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly and Efficient

Oct 2 2017 It's no secret that companies can be pretty wasteful and not very eco-friendly when it comes to certain things in the office like not monitoring gas, water, and electric use or not having a recycling system. But with just a few simple changes, businesses have the power to turn things around for not only the environment but their... read more