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Plastic Bag Ban Proposal in Palm Desert Focuses on the Use of Custom Canvas Bags

palm desert plastic bag ban

The residents of Palm Desert were in for a pleasant surprise after the approval of the Citizen’s Sustainability Committee on a plastic bag ban in the city. The committee also wrote a letter to Mayor Jan Harnik in which it requested the Mayor to spread awareness about the issue in Coachella Valley.

Details of the Plastic Bag Ban

The Committee voted on the issue and came to the decision of banning plastic shopping bags in the city. With a vote of 10-0, the recommendation was finally approved. According to the ordinance, stores in the city will not be allowed to supply one-time use plastic bags to their customers.

Citizens Sustainability Committee looks after the energy and environmental problems of the city. Chairman of the Committee, Bob Leo said that this decision by the Committee to take the help of an elected official in widening the reach of the ban is a novel move in itself.

On the other hand, Harnik said that she has not yet gone through the proposal of the sustainability committee but is looking forward to give her best for this eco friendly cause. She added that this bag ban is the need of the hour as it will prevent the landfills from being filled with plastic.

This idea of banning plastic bags in the city was first chalked out by the panel of the committee in 2011. After the advice of the City Council, the committee teamed up with Kate Castle. She is a member of the Palm Springs’s equivalent advisory commission. Together, they came with the present ordinance that prohibits retailers in the city from providing plastic bags to their customers. Instead, they can provide paper bags for which they can charge their customers a minimum of 10 cents for every bag.

Custom Canvas Bags Getting Popular Among People After the Plastic Bag Ban

Over the past few years, many cities in the US have implemented plastic bag bans. Some of them have helped in reducing the issues of plastic waste while others failed to get the expected results. But these bans have certainly increased the awareness about plastic waste issue among people. People have started opting for eco friendly options like reusable bags, custom canvas bags, totes, recycled bags and so on. They are now aware of the benefits of eco friendly bags and how easily they can replace plastic bags with these options.


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