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Palm Spring Residents Ready to Use Discount Custom Bags

palm springs custom bags

A reusable bag law is all set to be implemented for the month of November this year in Palm Springs. And the city is intending to prepare all shoppers and businesses so that they can all transition to the change. A new website, titled ‘Choose to Reuse Palm Springs, has even been set up to give everyone all the information they would need about the impending ban.

New Discount Custom Bags Website with Information about Bag Ban

Palm Springs is unique in the way it’s handling the impending plastic bag ban – by the fact that it has set up a website to ensure that all the details of the ban are clear. This way, residents, consumers and businesses alike can easily find the necessary information on the ban.

To further support the ban, The Office of Sustainability in Palm Springs has developed a new grant incentive program to encourage businesses to change from using non-recyclable and non-biodegradable packaging, such as plastic bags, to biodegradable and recyclable materials. It has been reported that all participating businesses would be eligible to receive up to 500 dollars as part of the grant. The city has insisted that it wants to help businesses as much as possible with this transition from plastic bags to reusable bags.

Single-use plastic bags have been posing great environmental hazards for decades now. They are used indiscriminately and fill up land-fills faster than anything else. Worse, they are so light that the wind can carry them over long distances, which usually mean that they litter both the landscape and water bodies in the area.

Many animals also choke on such materials as their appearance is often mistaken for food – which is especially the case for sea animals. Plus, even when recycled, the material usually gums up the machinery and damages the equipment. This ban propagating the use of reusable bags will hence assist the city and surrounding environment greatly.

Get Hip and Use Discount Custom Bags

If residents, businesses and shoppers altogether start using reusable bags over plastic bags, this ban can easily and effectively be implemented. Plus, using reusable and recyclable bags is the first and easiest step for an individual – and even an entire city – to go green.

Discount custom bags being distributed and provided at business and shopping centers will be an added incentive for customers to use reusable bags. For discounted reusable bags with custom designs are becoming quite a trend now, and it would only add to the encouragement of people “going green”.


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