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Help Peabody School by Using Reusable Customized Shopping Bags

peabody school reusable customized bags

If you carry your own reusable bag to the grocery, you are already doing a great job for the environment. What if you could just double up on this good deed? The next time you carry your reusable bag to Shaw’s supermarket, you will be helping not just in saving the environment but also the students of Peabody schools. Wondering how you can do that? Here is how.

How Can You Help by Carrying Reusable Customized Shopping Bags?

All you have to do is carry your reusable bag along with you while shopping at Shaw’s and download the app named MY ECO on your smartphone. The next time you shop at the supermarket, a portion of your grocery bill amount will be given to any of the Peabody schools that you choose to make your donation to.

Once you download the app, you can either choose Peabody High School or any other elementary school in Massachusetts as your choice for the Fund raising while registering for this program. Once you have registered yourself, you can go with reusable customized shopping bags to the supermarket that is participating in this program. Currently Shaw’s is the only supermarket that is a part of this program. Also, very soon middle schools will also be added to the list.

The QR code for your choice of school will be scanned by MY ECO and for every $100 that you spend in the supermarket, an amount of 40 cents will be donated to the school.

This program is collaboration between the DECA club of Peabody Veterans Memorial High School and Kristen Brown. Kristen had come up with MY ECO in September. Co-residents of DECA Shantel Silva and Chris Ciampa along with Austin Solimine, Vice President of the group, presented their proposal to the committee of the school. They said that basically they have three major goals that they are aiming at from this project.

The first is to reduce the usage of plastic bags. The second is to bring in a major reduction in the volume of material that is hauled away for recycling and trash in Peabody. The third goal is to back the financial support for the schools in the city.

Buy Reusable Customized Shopping Bags from DECA Club

DECA club is also providing MY ECO reusable customized shopping bags kit for an amount of $25. This kit includes reusable bags in different sizes. You will also get separate bags in this kit for cold as well as hot items. Students of DECA will be selling these kits at Shaw’s every Saturday.


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