The Swansea Council members have decided to fine pet owners who don't clean up after their pets. In a move to make the city cleaner and making pet owners more responsible, 5,000 special capsules that can be attached to a pet's leash are being distributed. Also, animal mess lying on the streets is being spray-painted bright pink to drive the message loud and clear.

Funky Green Pet Bags Handed out to Pet Owners

In an effort to help dog owners initially, these trendy green pet bags are being distributed by Council members and officials in charge of monitoring littering. These capsules are easy to carry (they just need to be attached to the pet's leash) and contain eco-friendly bags that can be used to collect animal poo. Many people have complained about lack of sufficient places to dispose of these bags. The Council has emphasized this is not true and ample waste bins have been provided to throw them.

The bags do not use thin plastic, which cannot be reused and cannot be recycled. They are made out of natural materials that can be recycled. So, you don't have to see mounting landfills with toxic waste that is hazardous for all forms of life. Instead, you will keep the city streets clean by not adding to the toxic waste.

Swansea Council really means business this time with this drive it will be lending a helping hand by distributing these green pet bags. It will also be slapping a fine on the offenders. Residents are being urged to use the bags and be responsible while also encouraging others to follow suit. For those not doing their bit, Council members have asked them to be reported so strict actions can be taken against them. Many pet owners are already following this method and beg to differ from those who don't. However, to eradicate this mess from the city altogether, green poo collection bags are actively distributed to all pet owners.

Why Use Green Pet Bags?

Pet bags are essential to keep the city clean. A person's day can get ruined when he/she steps out with but ends up putting his feet in a pile of animal waste. Apart from being annoying, it can also lead to diseases. By collecting the poo and throwing it in trash cans provided by the Council or the ones at your home, you keep the streets litter-free. With green pet bags, you take a further step to keep the environment safe. So happy green pet bag shopping!