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Bloggers in Philadelphia Push for Ban on Plastic Bags

philadelphia bloggers ban on plastic bags

Bloggers in Philadelphia

Bloggers from the Philadelphia area spent all of 26th July demanding a bag ban in their city. The pioneers of this one-day blitz are Julie Hancher and Beth Funari. Both these women write a blog known as the Green Philly Blog and are ardent supporters of a cleaner and greener environment.

Beth started taking an active interest in environmental protection as a young girl. She feels that you do not need to go all out and hug trees to be a better citizen. Using available resources judiciously is the first step towards a greener world.

Julie adds that she is aware she can’t single handily change the world but she does believe that she can take small steps and helps others take these steps too.

Plastic Bag Ban and the Use of Promotional Reusable Bags in Philadelphia

The two women now would like big steps towards a greener city to be taken by central organization, by which they mean a ban on plastic bags. The city council even considered one such ban in the past but failed. Councilman Kenney stated that the Council will take another shot at such a ban this year, but nothing has been done thus far.

Beth and Julie recently wrote that Mayor Nutter has declared that Philly will be the greenest city in the whole of United States. But since there has been no initiative taken towards that declaration, Julie and Beth urged all readers to spread the word and ask for a ban to a wider audience.

The two even started a petition against the use of plastic bags in Philadelphia and are seeing increasing numbers of signatures. The progress of the petition can be viewed on their blog.

A ban on plastic bags will automatically increase the popularity and requirement of paper and reusable bags. The wholesale reusable bag industry in other cities is already witnessing a boost in business after plastic bags have been prohibited in their jurisdictions. Reusable bags are more popular than paper because they last longer and are much more durable. The only small challenge is getting into the habit of remembering to carry these bags, something that will no doubt come with practice!


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