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Mixed Reaction towards Plastic Bag Ban in Pittsburg

pittsburg plastic bag ban

Pittsburg welcomed the year on an eco-friendly note by banning the use of plastic bags. You no more get to see plastic bags being handed out at grocery and retail stores in the city. This means that shoppers need to get their own reusable bags while coming out to shop. They are now required to pay a dime every time they opt for the store-offered paper bag. But how effective has the ban actually been and what do people think about it? Here is what they have to say.

What Do Pittsburg Residents Think About the Ban?

Most people of the city are quite optimistic about the ban and feel that is a good step towards reducing the litter created by plastic bags. Ramiro Rios, one of the residents of the city, feels that it will take some time for people to get into the habit of carrying reusable bags every time they are out to shop but it is certainly better than continuing with plastic bags. He said that he himself has forgotten to carry reusable bag at times and has paid extra for the paper bags which served as a reminder for carrying reusable bags.

This itself was the main idea behind the ban- making people realize the importance of bringing their own reusable bags while shopping. The ordinance was approved in the second half of last year and was implemented on January 15. The goal of the ban is to minimize the use of plastic bags which end up littering the roads of the city or clogging the waterways.

However, not everyone is happy with the ban. Some believe that there was no need for a plastic bag ban in the first place when there are already recycling bins for recycling plastic bags at most of the stores. Dave Miller is one such opposer of the ban who does not believe in carrying reusable bags all the time. He said that he visits the store just to get one or two items which he carries in his hands. He also mentioned that his wife does the main shopping for his family and she is the one who carries reusable bags.

Why Use Wholesale Reusable Bags?

Wholesale reusable bags are strong, sturdy and certainly reusable. They are eco-friendly and can even be customized. So when you have an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, isn’t is a good idea to stick to reusable bags?


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