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Pittsfield to Research before Introducing Custom Printed Fabric Bags

pittsfield research custom printed fabric bags

Attorney Rinaldo Del Gallo is spearheading a campaign in Pittsfield for a ban on polystyrene food containers and plastic bags. The Green Commission has decided to delve into the matter and is researching such bans imposed in other communities. The commissioners are deliberating the possible outcomes of such a ban.

Green Commission to Research Custom Printed Fabric Bags Before Voting

Del Gallo wants to take Pittsfield in the direction of communities like Great Barrington, Brookline and Amherst that have banned plastic bags and containers.

He also stated that the only adverse effect of this ban would be economic hardships to merchants, but there are other substitutes available, at not much of a price difference. Custom printed fabric bags are an excellent replacement option for plastic bags. They can be made out of recycled material and be customized in various shapes, sizes and colors. They are practically harmless to the environment.

Few of the commissioners like Nancy Nylen, Robert Harrison, Bruce Collingwood and Mark Miller are of the opinion that a thorough study would enable them to take a proper decision. This is a new field for all of them, and they are considering the advisability and support towards such a ban. Chairman Joseph LaRoche stated that the proposal was worth exploring but is concerned about extent of the ban’s cover and its effect on insulation materials for construction companies, in particular.

According to Del Gallo foam bans cover only food containers, but the community can decide the scope of the ban. As of now the commission has voted to sanction a research into the matter. The commission will meet on May 19 to take the matter further.

Grocery Shopping with Custom Printed Fabric Bags

Most of us have predominantly been using plastic carry bags without giving a serious thought to what happens to them when we’re done using them. Plastic bags can’t be disposed off easily. It takes hundreds of years for a single plastic bag to decompose. Don’t let out of sight mean being out of mind. There are heaps of plastic bags floating around in ocean that are twice the size of the US.

Make choices that would help the environment, in everything that you do. There are inexpensive and simple things you can do every day that would amount to making a huge difference. Reduce your dependence on plastic. Substitute plastic with fabric bags. These are reusable, customizable and can be made out of scrap material. Keep them handy, around your house or at your workplace. Start to decline plastic bags at grocery stores, and in no time you’ll be suggesting the same to others.


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