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Plastic Bag Ban Debate to Encourage Custom Reusable Shopping Bag

encourage custom reusable shopping bag

Like most of the cities and towns in the US, Tompkins County too is facing the same dilemma of whether to adopt the plastic bag ban or not. Members of the Environmental Management Council of the County recently debated a plastic bag ban proposal at a forum. They are not happy with the supply of one-time use plastic bags at checkout counters of stores and aim to prohibit it with the proposal.

Tompkins County Waits a Little Longer Till the Plastic Bag Ban Gets Implemented

It has been quite a long wait for the supporters of the ban. One of the members of the executive committee of the EMC, Brain Eden, said that the Council had planned to ban one-time use plastic bags in the county in January. Since then it has been discussing the issue every month. He also mentioned that this issue is not a new one for the community. Many other organizations like GreenStar and Ithaca Farmer’s Market have been working on this issue from quite some time.

Carol Chock, Tompkins County Legislator, said that whether the ban gets enacted or not, how long it will take to get implemented and other questions related to the ban are based on the feedback that it gets from the community. She further said that the county does not want to concentrate on any specific resolution of the ban as long as it does not get know what the community wants. The process of coming to a conclusion involves EMC discussions, recommendations, taking out the topic to the legislature as well as making it public.

A presentation given at the meeting mentioned that many communities all over the country have banned such plastic bags. Eden said that it is not necessary that Tompkins County too has to do the same thing that San Francisco, Washington D.C or Austin has done. But the County can definitely come up with something unique.

Need of Bringing in Custom Reusable Shopping Bag After Plastic Bag Ban

The supporters of the plastic bag ban proposal are of the opinion that this ban will help in cutting down the amount of waste that plastic bags create in the county every year. It is not like there is no other alternative to plastic bags. People can make the habit of using custom reusable shopping bag instead of plastic bags. Reusable bags serve the same purpose as plastic bags and are much more eco friendly.


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