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Plastic Bag Ban gets Voted Down in Monrovia

The Monrovia City Council in a disappointing step-back from its position on banning the plastic bags,

The much anticipated plastic bag ban was voted down at the City Council meeting held in Monrovia recently. Although the council had approved the ordinance passed on May 6 as it had a 3-2 mandate to prohibit the continued usage of single – use plastic bags, the latest meeting saw the ordinance being voted down. This ban would have made it mandatory for grocery stores, drug stores and other convenience stores to give up the single use plastic bags.

Not yet Ready to Give up on Plastic Bag Ban

The Monrovia City Council in a disappointing step-back from its position on banning the plastic bags, overturned the ordinance in a move that took everyone by surprise. The second reading of the Ordinance passed in favor of implementing a total ban on the use of plastic bags saw the ordinance being voted down in the absence of its two fervent supporters, Councilmen Larry Spicer and Alexander Blackburn. Tom Adams and Becky Shevlin were the two Councilmen who voted against the ordinance.

The only person to vote for the ordinance was Mayor Mary Ann Lutz, who had requested the Council to postpone the vote until all members could attend the meeting. Councilman Tom Adams was the one who pulled the motion from the Consent Agenda, according to which an ordinance must be voted upon without a debate or a discussion. There have been allusions about political motivation to vote down the ordinance as the ban was supposed to go into full swing on June 19 after the first approval.
Why Monrovia needs wholesale reusable bags

The ordinance passed by the Monrovia City Council in favor of banning plastic bags was to take effect this year as a part of which all the retail stores were to transition into using wholesale reusable bags. The voting down of the ordinance is indeed a major setback to the efforts of the concerned citizens and panelists on the ad hoc committee who favored the much needed ban on plastic bags. Monrovia has to rise above the denial mode to take responsibility for its share of pollution due to the inadvertent use of plastic bags by choosing wholesale reusable bags.

The environmental pollution caused due to the littering of the streets and landfills with plastic waste is reaching drastic levels. The plastic bags when ingested by the aquatic or the wildlife species result in immediate deaths or slow, painful deaths due to the toxic nature of the plastics. The single use plastics are hard to recycle and are highly non-biodegradable making them excessively hazardous to the ecological system.


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