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Plastic Bag Ban Proposal Approved by CVAG

palm beach plastic bag ban proposal approved

Thin plastic shopping bags may be banned in Palm Desert post a final consent received on a draft regulation that has been under consideration since October 2013. The draft will now go to the cities of Coachella valley for approval. The draft was approved on Monday by the Coachella Valley Association of Governments Executive Committee.

 Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance Gets Final Approval

The proposed legislation entails the plastic bag ban and encouraging people to use reusable bags. It also mentions charging 10 percent for paper shopping bags by the retailers. The only permissible cases to the use of plastic bags would be restaurants and bags made with heavy plastic, which can be recycled.

A draft ordinance was worked upon by the Coachella Valley Association of Governments Executive Committee (CVAG) so that businessman and shoppers are not subject to varying regulations. In case the proposed legislation is approved, it will take effect from July 1, 2015 with respect to large grocery stores. Smaller retailers will face the ban on thin plastic bags a year later. The idea is to make funds available so as to enable plastic bag manufacturers to shift focus to the manufacturing of wholesale reusable bags instead.

Director of Environmental Resources at CVAG, Katie Barrows said that lawmakers have shown greater support for the recent proposal of the state, so it is a sensible decision to halt or suspend the work of CVAG to get support of the leaders for a state ban.

Up till now, the statewide ban on use of plastic bags has received mixed reactions from leaders across different cities in the valley. For instance, the draft was disapproved by Blythe Councilman, Joseph DeConinck, Indian Wells Mayor Ted Mertens and Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone. Even the committee members held off from offering any official support initially because it was too early for them to predict as what the legislation would look like.

It’s Time for a Plastic Bag Ban

With the rising concern over global warming and several other environmental issues, it is extremely important for all nations to take concrete steps to make the earth greener and a healthy planet for living. Plastic bags are not bio-degradable and contaminate soil as well as water bodies. They also enter the food web, when consumed by animals. It is time to make a switch to wholesale reusable bags for all our shopping purposes. Remember to carry them each time you make a visit to the grocery store and do your part in making the earth greener.


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