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Plastic Bag Ban Widens in Chicago

plastic bag ban in chicago

Last year saw Mayor Rahm Emanuel opposing a ban on the use of plastic bags in Chicago. According to the Chicago Sun Times, this year, the plastic bag ban sponsor has made it more difficult by including small retailers as well since he has the votes to approve the ‘ban-the-bag ordinance’ irrespective of what the mayor says, he claims.

Additions to the Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance

Initially, small stores were exempted from the ban, but aldermen who had only small stores in their ward were concerned about the same. The exemption was dropped to draw more votes for an improved version that was introduced at the city council meeting, stated Aldermen ‘Proco’ Joe Moreno (1st). Moreno also put forth the fact that only a tenth of the plastic bags used in Chicago were actually recycled. He believes that he will be able to win approval from the council as he has the 26 votes essential for a win.

Cardenas was worried about the impact that the ban would have on the economy, but is now assured that the cost of enforcing a ban on plastic bags was doable and didn’t amount to much financially. Cardenas also mentioned that small retailers would be allotted time to get used to the ordinance.

In an email, the mayor’s office mentioned that it had not reviewed the revised ordinance as yet, but they surely supported Ald. Moreno in his endeavors to ensure a cleaner Chicago and were awaiting the final ordinance.

How Long to Wait Before Taking out Wholesale Reusable Bags?

It is advisable for all the people in Chicago to keep their wholesale reusable bags ready since Aldermen Joe Moreno (1st) is pretty confident of having the ban on plastic bags imposed as soon as possible. The inclusion of small stores as well as the introduction of compostable bags made from soy and peanuts is bound to attract the approval of the ordinance, says Moreno.

The ban is expected to ensure less litter and damage to wildlife and marine life. However, with the ban on plastic bags, the main question remains who will bear the cost of the reusable bags. Retailers feel that it will be a hidden tax levied on them if they are not allowed to charge consumers for the same. Let’s wait and see what happens!


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