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Plum Organics CEO Wins Most Admired CEO Award

plum organics wins most admired ceo award

The co-founder and CEO of Plum Organics, Neil Grimmer, has been announced as the most admired CEO by the San Francisco Business Times. Plum Organics, one of the very few organic companies in the baby food product sector, manufactures organic products for infants and toddlers, as well as school going children. This company has seen tremendous growth in the recent years, so it’s not surprising that Neil Grimmer was awarded with this title.

Plum Organics: A Company with a Difference

Neil Grimmer confesses that he is extremely lucky that he leads a company that is filled with people who are passionate about their job. Many employees at the firm are parents themselves, so they are even more dedicated towards manufacturing products that will benefit kids during their developmental years. This company has reached a respectable position in a very short period of time and looking at the zeal of the employees, this looks like just the beginning.

The Company’s Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

This company falls under the organic food sector and has been manufacturing innovative eco friendly promotional items from the very start. In 2009, Plum Organics introduced a squeezable pouch format which overtook the baby product market immediately. Since its inception, the company has manufactured close to 100 baby products. These products focus on the nutritional needs of children and are designed to benefit them in every way possible.

At present, Plum Organics products are available in more than 10,000 stores in the US. These stores have the company’s fruit based, whole grain, dairy based, and vegetable products. Most of these products come in a squeezable puree form and can be used for different meals of the day, such as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Plum Organics’s Dedication to Excel

Plum Organics stands out from the rest of its competitors as it produces a wide range of baby products. Usually most brands produce restricted categories of baby products, such as whole grain based or vegetable based products, but Plum organics offers at least 4 different categories. The company has a modern culinary approach in terms of baby products, so it’s received an overwhelming response from consumers. Also,, their use of squeezable packs have helped them advertise their products better.

The fact that Neil Grimmer won the most admired CEO award can be attributed to the company’s dedication to produce high quality products. Recently Inc. magazine ranked the company in the Fastest-Growing Private Companies category. The company was also ranked number 2 under the Fastest- Growing Food and Beverage category.


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