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Plymouth Launches “Pay as You Throw” Program

plymouth pay as you throw program

As part of an initiative to promote recycling and the use of reusable bags, Plymouth is all set to launch its ‘Pay as You Throw’ program. This program is designed, using a combination of town-approved carts and bags, in order to be fair to residents and to reduce the volume of solid wastes considerably.

All About the Plymouth Program

According to this program, residents will be provided with town-approved, orange-colored disposable plastic bags at a nominal charge. The bags will be available in two sizes, the larger one (30 gallon) priced at 1.25 dollars per bag and a smaller one priced at 75 cents each. These bags will be available in at least 20 local stores, in sets of five bags in a roll. Residents would be charged an additional ten dollars if they wished to drop off bulky waste at the transfer station. A fee would also be set for those who wished to have bulky waste picked up from the curb.

Plymouth residents, who opt to pay the yearly fee for curbside collection of garbage, will be issued trash carts in which they are to place their garbage, packed in the town-approved orange plastic bags. The garbage will then be collected automatically by eco-friendly trucks running on compressed natural gas.

The main question in connection with this program was related to the use of bags as well as carts. The answer was simple. Residents were more likely to control their personal garbage output keeping in mind the cost of the town-approved garbage disposal bags. So, the use of chargeable disposal bags would definitely result in a reduced quantity of waste in comparison to the use of only town-approved carts. However, the carts were needed to make the garbage disposal process more effective and hygienic.

There were concerns regarding residents cheating and sneaking in other garbage bags into the cart along with the orange bags. To curb this, the trucks were equipped with cameras and the drivers could check and note down the address of the offenders. In addition, other colored bags would definitely stand out from the orange bags, once dumped on the tipping floor.

Plymouth Promotional Reusable Bags Versus Plastic Bags

Over the years, plastic bags have been used abundantly since they are convenient. Many people used separate plastic bags for separate items on their grocery list and these bags were usually thrown out after a single use. Disposable paper bags were used in a similar fashion. The introduction of reusable bags has helped to reduce the volume of garbage considerably, providing some respite to the environment.

Promotional reusable bags are a better option as compared to ordinary reusable bags as they can be used as a marketing tool. When a bag is customized, it bears the name and logo of the company and this serves as an advertisement every time someone carries it around. In addition, small sayings related to saving the environment, printed on these bags, serve as a method for creating awareness regarding the same.


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