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Port Aransas wants Custom Reusable Grocery Bags

port aransas custom reusable grocery bags

Port Aransas, like most other tourist towns, is looking to ban single use plastic bags and promote custom reusable grocery bags within its area. Just like any tourist town, there is a sense that the excessive use of plastic bags hurts the reputation of the town. Also, there is a change in the mindset where people have become more conscious about how they treat the environment – leading to a number of plastic bag bans being well-received all across the country.

How Banning Plastic Bags Can Help the Town of Port Aransas

The amount of time it takes for a plastic bag to decompose is well known. Serious measures need to be taken to ensure that the situation does not get any worse than it is already. As a result, a number of towns, counties and even full-fledged states have decided to push through the bans on plastic bags.

Just like in any of the other locations, there has been some opposition as merchants as well as plastic bag manufacturers are worried that the ban will cause a serious downfall in their customers base.

Some of the opposing parties, primarily merchants, have cited that their issues with the ban have nothing to do with the plastic bags, but are more about the comfort and ease of choosing plastic bags out habit. Manufacturers of plastic bags feel that any ban would also affect the job scenario, as they will have to lay off a number of people that work in the particular sector.

However, the sections of community that are in favor of the ban also state that the ban will see a significant reduction in the amount of plastic litter around the town.

Port Aransas Custom Reusable Grocery Bags Better than Plastic Bags

Custom reusable grocery bags take less time to decompose in comparison to their plastic counterparts. While plastic bags are widely used in landfills, they do require direct sunlight to decompose as fast as possible (and even that takes hundreds of years). As a result, the toxic waste that they produce while they are part of the landfills has a significant knock the soil quality in the area.

The positive effect that custom reusable grocery bags have on the reputation of a business should also not be ignored. Custom reusable grocery bags can sport the logo and act as promotional tools for a business while ensuring that it is seen in a light where the public considers it synonymous with being eco-friendly.


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