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‘Project Recycle’ Encourages Wholesale Reusable Bags

project recycle wholesale reusable bags

4-H is an organization for youth in the US that focuses on four main areas of development namely the head, heart, hands, and health. It aims at developing responsible citizens through a positive youth development approach and promotes learning through experience. The recently organized 4-H project in Jackson County was the ‘Project: Recycle’ event held on the 22nd of July, 2013.

Wholesale Reusable Bags and the Recycling Project in Detail

The 22nd of July, 2013 saw seven young contestants participating in the recycling event held in Jackson County. They recycled used projector slides and containers made of plastic to create attractive jars to carry home with them. They also volunteered to put together attractive, well-painted, plywood covers for recycling bins to be used at the Fair at Jackson County, later in the year.

Project: Recycle was a part of a number of activities undertaken under Jackson County 4-H’s annual Summer of Science Program that was held for the second time this year. The program is a chain of various events as well as activities that give the youth a better understanding of technology, science, math, and engineering in day-to-day life, mainly through firsthand experience.

According to the 4-H Youth Development Agent – Monica Lobenstein, 2013 is the fourth year of the recycling project. She also mentioned that the recycling project was introduced as a method of making the park, where the fair was held, cleaner and more secure for the public. The project was successful in doing so.

Initially, the 4-H youth programs benefited from the additional funds that were generated through the recycling of aluminum cans. However, after the fair held in 2012, the bins were robbed from the area they were placed in, before being picked up for recycling. According to Monica Lobenstein, the public needs to realize that the collected recyclable items, such as the cans, are essential for funding the 4-H programs that are organized all throughout the year.

Save the Planet With Wholesale Reusable Bags

Plastic bags as well as single use disposable bags are clogging up our landfills and causing a tremendous amount of environmental pollution. Sometimes they are found littering the landscape and at other times causing a mess in water bodies, affecting marine life to a great extent.

So, the need to switch to reusable bags is imperative. These bags are strong and attractive. If we look at the bigger picture, wholesale reusable bags can be used over and over again, for at least 75 times. This reduces the strain on the environment and if everyone opts for this alternative, we can make the earth a greener planet.

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