Earth day is just around the corner and like any holiday, it provides plenty of opportunities to promote your business. Whether you sell eco-friendly products or not, here are some unique ways you can promote your business on Earth Day. Keep in mind that these ideas can also be used for other upcoming eco-friendly holidays.

1. Give Green Gifts with Purchases

Instead of discounting the products you already sell, you could offer Earth Day customers free eco-friendly gifts with their purchases. For instance, you could donate a percentage of the sales on Earth Day to a charity of yours or your customer's choice. Or you could gift them an eco-friendly product related to your business. Let's say you owned a coffee shop, for example, your free green gift with purchase could be a reusable mug or a bag of Fair Trade coffee.

2. Give Away Reusable Shopping Bags

By offering customized reusable shopping bags for free or at a discounted rate with purchase, you'll be supporting Earth Day, promoting sustainability, and creating a long-lasting product that will carry your business name or logo on it for years to come.

3. Celebrate Earth Day and Share Green Tips on Social Media

This year, Earth Day is all about promoting environmental and climate literacy. So, don't miss the chance to use your company's social media pages to share tips and advice with your followers and potential customers on how to be environmentally-friendly. You could also run a giveaway or contest on social media that promotes your business as well as the holiday.

4. Offer Sales or Special Promos on Sustainable Products

Does your business sell recycled or sustainable products? Perhaps you provide eco-friendly or waste-free services? Consider offering Earth Day shoppers a special promo or sale on the green services or products you sell. This will show consumers that you care about them as well as your company's carbon footprint.

Mark your calendars and schedule your social media posts for Earth Day on April 22, 2017.