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Promotional Grocery Bags Accepted in Napa Valley

Napa Valley Stores accept promotional grocery bags to help stop plastic pollution

In the month of July, citizens of Napa Valley were rewarded for their faith they while electing the Mayor Jill Techel, when the reduction ordinance on the use of single-use carryout bag was placed. Organizations like Napa Valley CanDo expressed their gratitude to the Mayor, the Napa City Council, Sustainable Napa County, business leaders, longtime residents of the city, students and everyone else who helped in the passing of this landmark ordinance.

Napa Valley Supports Plastic Bag Ban by Using Promotional Grocery Bags

This ban will be effective January 2015 and the residents of the valley hope that the use and disposal of thin plastics will be reduced by over 90 percent, which is what Californians Against Waste shows has been the result in other states where the ban is already effective. Waterways have become cleaner in those cities by up to 60 percent. These huge numbers are possible because single-use plastics are predominantly used by shoppers of all kinds and they are disposed of in an unhygienic manner. They litter water bodies, roads, buildings and are a menace for wildlife and plant too. Add the fact that these are non-recyclable and have a short life span; these shopping bags are more toxic harmful wastes than utilitarian products.

Since 3 years, Napa Valley CanDo along with many volunteers and Boy Scouts has been cleaning the shores of the city to keep them free from plastics and save the water animals. Highways too see these bags littered on both sides. As long single-use plastics are used, the Valley cannot hope to protect its wildlife and future generations. By implementing this ban in phases and providing promotional grocery bags, taxpayers will be to cut some costs, the environment will be protected, the city will not be marred by plastic-littered roads and buildings, a pending state mandate to keep the storm drains free from any obstructions can finally be implemented and landfill disposal reduction goals could be achieved b 2020. With over 112 Californian cities and counties already benefiting from this ban, it’s time Napa Valley to joins the green brigade.

Businesses can use promotional grocery bags

The ban on single-use plastics is not only important to keep the environment clean for the present generation, but also helps the world become cleaner and less toxic for our future generations. Many countries are using more and greener techniques personally as well as commercially and trying to set an example.


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