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Promotional Reusable Shopping Bags to be Provided to Residents in LA

promotional reusable shopping bags in la

Los Angeles is all set to welcome the New Year with the eco-friendly habit of ditching plastic bags. Stating from January 1 of next year, large retail stores in the city will not be allowed to supply plastic bags to their consumers. Also an additional fine of 10 cents per bag will be applicable on consumers who opt for paper bags from such stores.

Welcoming a New and Sustainable Change with Promotional Reusable Shopping Bags

The city officials are leaving no stone unturned in getting the residents of the city into this new habit. To help consumers in accepting this change in shopping, the officials have launched a campaign wherein they will hand out promotional reusable shopping bags to people for free. Nonprofit organizations and environmental groups too have shown their interest in this campaign and are helping in the same. They have all teamed up to create a line of reusable bags that will be given out to shoppers to promote the habit of using recycled bags.

Councilman of the city, Paul Koretz, who also played major role in getting the ban in place, is now doing his best in raising funds for manufacturing the bags which residents can avail for free. In a recent press conference he said that this substitute to plastic bags will help consumers in the long run as they last very long and are much stronger than plastic bags.

Jim Cragg, owner of a nonprofit organization which provides work to veterans and is also a part of the campaign, said that the cost of producing one bag will go up to $5. His organization will create reusable bags from donated materials. The process of screen-printing designs on these bags will be done by Homeboy Industries, which puts ex-gang members to work.

The campaigning group has received a donation of $25,000 from an art studio and think tank named Metabolic Studio. Koretz said that more donations will be needed to carry out the campaign on a larger scale and provide free bags to large number of residents.

Getting Used to Promotional Reusable Shopping Bags

Though the ban on plastic bags is yet to come into effect, this campaign will help people in adapting themselves to the new change of carrying promotional reusable shopping bags. It will help them in transitioning towards the habit of carrying reusable and recycled bags while shopping instead of using plastic bags provided by the stores.


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