The fight against excessive use of plastic bags is taking on greater proportions with every turn. While the ill effects of plastic bags on the environment are widely known, very few people (as a percentage) seem to be taking the effort to switch to more eco-friendly ways of transporting their goods. While some cities have taken significant steps in making sure that their residents are mindful of the problem with plastic bags, others have been slow to react. Rincon, a rather popular tourist town in Puerto Rico is now close to becoming the very first municipality in the island to ban plastic bags.

First Town in Puerto Rico to Go Plastic-Free

The proposed regulation looks to ban the use of plastic bags in the state by February 2015, with defaulters facing fines of anywhere between $100 and $500. The seriousness of the ambition should not be scoffed at as a number of states in the US have not yet come close to achieving this feat.

The primary reason believed to be at the root of this bold move in Puerto Rico is said to be the excessive use of plastic bags, which is affecting the aquatic life in the region. Also,plastic bags are very frequently used just once or twice and then discarded, often anywhere. This hampers the beauty of the region, which eventually affects the tourism industry. Since its is a popular tourist destination, the officials need to be mindful of these problems.

Businesses, which are considered to be at the forefront of feeling the blow of inconvenience caused to shoppers, will offer their clientele reusable paper bags at a very affordable price. Customers are however, urged to carry their own reusable shopping bags,.

Custom Recycled Bags Imprinted Hit Puerto Rico

Custom recycled bags imprinted with the logo and name of the business have been adopted as a good method of marketing in the region. Not only do they promote the name of the business, but also assure clients that the core business model of the firm is eco-friendly.

Custom recycled bags imprinted may be a little costly to produce, but can do wonders for the reputation of your business. The fact that they are also reusable means that the bags can serve as a long lasting advertisement for your business as opposed to the short staying power of printed disposable plastic bags.