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Putting Waste Plastic Bags to Better Use

plastic bags to better use

Do you have unused plastic bags stocked up in your kitchen cupboards? Well, the Bag Mat Ministry of Lafayette has come up with an innovative way to use these plastic bags, as they transform them to sleeping mats that can be used by the homeless.

Plastic Bags as Sleeping Mats, a Not so Bizarre Idea

Linda Wamsley says that the idea dawned upon her while she was watching the 2010 Super Bowl match. She was thoughtlessly looping a few plastic bags, when the others noticed what she was doing, and asked her to teach them the same. While she had previously heard of making sleeping mats from grocery bags, she had also been on the lookout for a meaningful project through which she could help others. Following this, Wamsley and the rest of her group have been getting together at the Grace Presbyterian Church, once a month, to weave sleeping mats from a string of looped plastic bags. These durable bags are distributed among the homeless people in and around the locality, and other countries such as Honduras and Haiti.

With over 500 mats distributed by the combined efforts of the entire group, Wamsley says each mat takes about 35 hours to complete and requires nearly 500-700 plastic bags. They first string the plastic bag loops together into a long string that is then rolled into a ball. Following this, they crochet it to form a mat. Wamsley says the crocheting could take a day or more, to spin out just one mat. These weaving sessions usually bring in nearly 5-20 volunteers, although they would be glad to have more people pitch in. While some people drop in to donate grocery bags, others take some crocheting supplies to start weaving at home.

Promotional Reusable Bags, an Interesting Spin to Conventional Plastic Bag

Another innovative idea that pops up while talking about using bags effectively is using promotional reusable bags. These bags can be used in corporate events to business get-togethers, as a promotional accessory. While the conventional promotional accessories work just fine, these bags go a step further in revving up the value of a business, by highlighting them as a environment-conscious one. Along with this, the solace of contributing to an environmental cause is unbeatable.


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