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Recycle Custom Plastic Bags or Use Reusable Bags

plastic bags or reusable bags

Many environmentalists have started promoting ‘second life’ for plastic bags. This move is aimed at encouraging people to be more aware of the harm that plastic bags can to do the sustainability of the planet. Getting people to recycle is an obvious aim, this particular program is focused on making sure that people use the plastic bag till the end of its life span before they choose to discard it.

Recycle and Give up on Plastic Bags

Plastic bag waste is currently one of the biggest environmental problems. Recent studies have shown that as many as 40 million plastic bags are discarded on a yearly basis all over the world. Most of these are single-use plastic bags, which are used just once before they are dumped. While this is an obvious eyesore on the landscapes we have, a number of these plastic bags also find their way to the waterways and tend to clog them, creating more problems for the environment.

Custom plastic bags are sometimes discarded as easily as their single-use counterparts. Moreover, plastic bags take thousands of years to decompose, while giving out toxic waste and residue throughout the long decomposition phase. In the process, they end up harming the soil substantially.

One of the biggest answers to the problem of how to deal with discarded single-use plastic bags so far has been to use dump them in landfills. However, this is a rather expensive affair, as the city needs to, at the expense of taxpayer funds, move these large volumes of plastic bags over to the landfill site. Moreover, since these thousands of plastic bags are buried under the top layer of the landfill site, the toxic waste that they let out can be quite hazardous for the workers on the site.

Recycling Custom Plastic Bags

Recycling is becoming the most obvious and environmental method of taking care of the plastic bag wastage. Recycling projects try to ensure that plastic bags are discarded only when they cannot be used anymore. These projects also set up a number of donation drop off points at various areas of the city, while spreading the word of recycling custom plastic bags. The collected plastic bags are sometimes donated to certain organizations to help them make use of the bags. Animal shelters, for instance, can benefit from the used plastic bags for cleaning up after the animals. If you plastic bags, make sure that you discard them responsibly.


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