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Join the ‘Recycle Your Computer’ Program this April 3

recycle your computer program

How many times have you looked at your old computer equipment piled up in a corner of your house and wondered you could do something better with it? Probably recycle it. Well, you can actually do so, if you are a resident of Cuyahoga County, where the ‘Recycle Your Computer’ program is on for the whole of April.

April Marks the ‘Recycle Your Computer Month’ in Cuyahoga County

Residents of Cuyahoga County now have a chance to recycle their useless computer equipment during the whole of this month. Sponsored by the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District along with the city service departments, this program aims at encouraging residents to recycle their old and unwanted electronic equipment. This program was started in 2000 and has helped reduce computer waste ending up in landfills considerably – almost to the tune of over 13 million pounds.

More than 50 city service departments are participating in this program and residents can drop their old personal computer equipment here throughout April. They can bring items like computer keyboards, mice, monitors, CPUs, modems, printers and terminals.

Along with computer equipment, cell phones, cell phone accessories and ink printer cartridges can also be dropped off at these departments. All of the recyclables will be sent to RET3 job corp. It is a Cleveland-based computer recycling organization. There are more than 20 workers here who check the equipment and then depending upon the condition, erase data from the gadgets and recycle them or refurbish them.

Computers which are relatively new and sent for recycling are refurbished and donated to schools. Businesses which may want to dispose old computers can get in touch with RET3 job corp directly. Such recycling programs can make use eco-friendly promotional items to create awareness among residents about the right way of disposing and recycling electronics.

How Can Eco-Friendly Items Help When You Recycle Your Computer?

It often happens that once your electronic device is not working anymore, you may not be sure of what to do with it or how to dispose of it. Old electronics usually pile up at homes or are thrown out along with other trash. This is among the main reasons landfills are covered with electronic waste.

It is very important to recycle electronic devices in the correct way. Companies can make use of eco-friendly promotional items to promote e-recycling. This will make people in understanding the proper manner of recycling unwanted electronic equipment without harming the environment.


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