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Use Promotional Recycled Bags to Dispose Autumn Leaves

recycled bags dispose autumn leaves

The Metro Council of Louisville, Kentucky is planning to introduce a new ordinance with regard to how citizens dispose of their yard waste. In an attempt to educate the public and make an effort to protect the environment, this new yard waste ordinance would ban the use of plastic bags.

Plans of Banning Plastic Bags and Replacing Them with Recycled Bags

The Metro Council Spokesperson, Tony Hyatt, mentioned that there were ongoing efforts to reintroduce a yard waste ordinance. However, the yard waste ordinance plan would not be able to progress forward till the Metro Public Works finished an education plan for the public, which would first need to be shared with the Metro Council. The implementation of this ordinance would result in plastic bags being banned for all yard waste purposes. A ban on plastic bags could mean a huge change in the way that the Louisville public would clean up their yards. This new ban would result in people needing to use biodegradable bags or containers that could be emptied out for all waste disposal needs. Such a move is being made as almost all the municipal landfills located in the city are nearly filled up.

This ban affects the people greatly, especially at this time of the year when nearly every yard is filled with autumn leaves. In the urban service district, yard waste is picked up separately from everyday garbage and is collected on the same day as recycling. Collection of residential yard waste in the suburban areas is the responsibility of residents and property owners. It is generally contracted through private waste carriers. People within the city limits have three different locations to drop off leaves at no cost up until December 7th. All containers and bags need to be disposed off-site, as only loose leaves will be accepted.

Switching to Promotional Recycled Bags

With efforts underway to introduce this yard waste ordinance, a ban on plastic bags may be imminent. To ensure that your home and yard is free of autumn leaves and other yard waste, it is a sensible option to switch disposing needs away from plastic bags. Making the switch to reusable and recycled bags is also a better option whether or not it is necessary by law. Such disposing techniques can do a lot in helping the environment and sustainably disposing waste. There are a lot of promotional recycled bags that are available that can help you to comfortably make this switch.


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