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Recycled Items Used for Making Eco-friendly Cars

making eco-friendly cars

Most people consider a car to be environment friendly when it does not emit too many dangerous gases. But what if you get to know that it is not just the emissions coming out of your car, but also the way it is manufactured or produced that make it ‘green’?

The Most Eco-Friendly Electric Car

All the car lovers who also make sure that to get eco-friendly cars, like the latest i3 by BMW which is a plug-in electric car. It is also being said to be the greenest car. Not only has it been manufactured following an eco-friendly approach, but it can also be recycled.

Spokesperson for BMW, Jose Guerrero, said that presently the car is 95 percent recyclable. This makes it a very sustainable as well as renewable option. He further said that the material used for the carbon fiber-reinforced plastic is made in the company’s plant in Washington. Hydroelectric power is used at this plant. Even the energy used for the assembly which takes place in Germany is powered by wind turbines.

The batteries which generate power for electric motors are considered by some to be hazardous for the environment. These too can be used for other purposes once they prove insufficient for the car. Guerrero said that these batteries can be used for various other purposes like powering your home and so on.

Recyclable vehicle parts have been the trend for quite some time now. But what is new with this electric car is that it has been made with the help of recycled materials, which adds to its eco-friendly value. Guerrero said that the wood used in the manufacturing of the car has minimal processing and so does the leather. Olive leaves have been used for tanning the leather. The usual process of doing this involves the use of formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals.

Use of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items for Eco-Friendly Cars Such Cars

Manufacturing a vehicle with recycled materials and using eco-friendly methods in its manufacturing process is quite a novel idea for the automobile industry. So to make sure that such automobiles help in reaching the most number of people, eco-friendly promotional items can be used. These items can help in promoting the cars and also explain how these cars are a better alternative over the non-eco-friendly ones. This will help in a long run in keeping the environment clean and saving important resources.


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