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RecycleMania Tournament – a Fascinating Contest Between Colleges

college recyclemania tournament contest

RecycleMania Tournament is an innovative 8-week competition that takes place between colleges. This contest is between Canadian and American colleges, wherein the college that manages to recycle the most amount of waste within its premises wins. Wright State University has been participating in this competition for the past 7 years, and has already started encouraging its students to recycle as much waste as they can for this year’s RecycleMania.

Recyclemania Tournament – a Competition with a Twist

According to the Custodial Service Manager of Wright State University, Gina Reese, RecycleMania is a very innovative way of encouraging recycling among the youth. Since this competition takes place on a national level, it is able to spread the vital message of recycling to the masses. This year’s RecycleMania is expected to begin from the 3rd of February, 2013, and last till the 30th of March, 2013. During these 8 weeks, the students from various colleges will start tracking their recycling activities, and will be weighing their trash as well. Close to one hundred colleges across Canada and the U.S. participate in this competition. So this competition will be used to determine which country has better recycling methods.

Wright State University – Encouraging Eco-Friendly Promotional Items at Recyclemania Tournament

Wright State University has been participating in this competition for the last 7 years. According to Reese, in the past 7 years, the university has managed to increase its recycling rates from 4.64 percent to 34.48 percent. In the first year of the competition, the university ranked 147 out of the total 175 participating universities; but it has raised its rankings consistently, and was placed at the 90th position among the 266 participating universities last year.

In order to further raise their rankings at this year’s competition, the university officials have been encouraging their students to recycle various commodities into eco friendly promotional items. Some of the commodities that the students have been asked to recycle are phone books, newspapers, cereal boxes, paper, drink boxes, and even junk mail. Furthermore, the officials are also encouraging the students to recycle plastic and glass items. For instance, plastic items such as shampoo bottles and milk jugs can be re-used, and glass items such as bottles and cans can be used to store things or to even grow plants. The college authorities have also set up recycling bins all over the campus to facilitate their students, and they are hoping that in the coming few years, Wright State University will be able to win this competition.

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