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Recyclers to Benefit in South Santa Barbara County

south santa barbara recyclers benefit

To promote recycling among the residents, SCEEP or the South County Energy Efficiency Partnership is planning to host a recycling event in the South Santa Barbara County. All the residents of the county are invited to take part in this event as they will earn money on the recyclables that they will bring with them. This event is scheduled to take place on the 27th of January, 2013.

An Event to Promote Recycling in South Santa Barbara

SCEEP has decided to take up this initiative, keeping in mind that many households dispose their old electronics after the holiday season. Electronics are commonly exchanged as gifts during Christmas and New Year’s Day. Therefore, the organization has decided to host a recycling event where the residents can dispose their old electronics, instead of dumping them into landfills.

At this event, SCEEP representatives will specifically collect freezers or refrigerators from the residents. So the residents can bring in their old functional freezers or refrigerators to the recycling center. To attract more and more residents, SCEEP is offering a sum of $35 as compensation for every refrigerator or freezer that they will collect from the residents. However, the refrigerators need to meet some specifications in order to qualify for this compensation. To qualify for this compensation, the refrigerators need to be working, should be around 32 cubic feet in height, and should be registered under a valid billing address. Every household can bring up to 2 freezers to this event. The residents can even register for this event on the SCEEP website, and they will get their compensation after they receive a mail.

Once the event is over, the organization will send all the refrigerators and freezers to a recycling center. At the recycling center, these old appliances will be dismantled into several parts. All the parts that can be reused will be separated from the rest of the lot, and the parts that can’t be used will be disposed in an eco-friendly manner.

South Santa Barbara Encouraging Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

This event is one of the many initiatives taken up by SCEEP to try and encourage the usage of eco friendly promotional items among the residents. SCEEP is an organization that was formed in collaboration with the Southern California Gas Company and Southern California Edison. Furthermore, this organization receives support from the cities of Goleta, Carpinteria, and Santa Barbara. The organization provides realistic solutions to environmental issues, and has been hosting events to propagate recycling among the U.S. citizens for many years now.


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