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Recycling and Recycled Bags in Leetsdale

leetsdale recycling and recycled bags

The authorities in Leetsdale Borough are happy with the fact that their one year old recycling program is gaining popularity among the residents. According to Council President, Joe McGurk, the waste collectors in Leetsdale gather close to 6,500 pounds of recyclable waste every two weeks. This figure is better than that of the other cities and counties within the US, and McGurk is hoping that in the coming few days, these figures will improve even more.

Improving the Recycled Bags Plan

According to McGurk, Leetsdale can improve its recycle plan drastically. He stated the fact that the residents of the borough favor the recycling initiatives, which will help the authorities further develop their recycling plan. At present, the residents of this region need to drop off their recyclables at a center that is located across the borough. Even though the recycling center is located away from the borough, all the residents make an effort to dispose their waste at the center.

Marty McDaniel, the Manager for the borough, stated that the residents dispose close to 200 tons of waste every year. In comparison to the resident population in the region, these figures are extremely high. He stated that since the population in the region is very low, the residents are not required to recycle all their waste, however, they want to contribute towards reducing their environmental footprint. Looking at the enthusiasm of the residents, the authorities are planning on developing the present recycling plan, and they are hoping that with active participation, they will be able to reduce their landfill waste to a large extent.

The Need to Promote Recycled Bags

Along with making improvements in the recycling program, the officials are encouraging the residents in Leetsdale to use recycled bags. This is because recycled bags are an apt alternative to plastic bags, and they can reduce the level of waste in the landfills to a large extent, so the authorities are confident that the residents will adapt to these bags with ease.

Apart from promoting reusable bags, the authorities in Leetsdale are encouraging their neighboring areas to join them in their recycling initiatives. A lot of Leetsdale’s residents already use the authorized recycling center for Leetsdale to dispose their recyclables. So the authorities won’t face any difficulties in organizing a common recycling system along with their neighboring areas, and they will be able to develop a curbside recycling system with ease.


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