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Recycling at a Montessori School in Shaler

recycling at shaler montessori school

In an attempt to teach their students the value of recycling, the officials at Montessori School organized an extensive recycled art program. During this program, the teachers as well as the students recycled discarded materials and converted them into eco friendly promotional items. At the end of the program, the school authorities displayed all the recycled art items in an exhibition.

The Idea of the Recycling Program at Montessori School

This recycling program was proposed by Gina Roberts and Mary Roche, both preschool teachers at the Academy. According to the Director of the Academia, Yolanda Sweenie, Gina and Mary started recycling waste materials to make their classroom look more appealing to the children, but over a period of time, this routine turned into a full-fledged recycling program.

Sweenie stated that the teachers utilized all the waste materials from the storage unit, and recycled them. The teachers utilized materials such as broken tables, old chair legs, fans, and even paddles. These materials were turned into decorative pieces such as butterflies and flowers, and they were hung in the classrooms.

Montessori School Converting Waste Into Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

According to Sweenie, recycled butterflies were the most appealing artwork made by the teachers. The school authorities appreciated this piece of craft so much that several butterflies were hung on the trees in the school driveway. Apart from the butterfly, the teachers created an elaborate floral design that was placed at the entrance of the school. This flower was made using an old wading pool, and it was spray-painted after being carved. In addition to this, some of the trees on the campus that were not strong enough to hold their weight were converting into wooden desks for the students as well.

According to Roche, this program has helped in showing children innovative ways of recycling waste. She stated the fact that they converted the waste into art pieces appealed to the students. Roberts stated that towards the end of the program, the children came up with interesting ideas as well, and they were able to make several garden decorations as part of the recycled art program.

The exhibition in the Academy displayed the various items that the teachers and students had made in the span of one year. The teachers stated that the entire project had induced the spirit of recycling among the children, and they are presently thinking of more innovative projects for the children.


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