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Recycling Issues Can Be Solved by Single Layer Packaging

recycling issues can be solved

Amongst the many eco-promotional items being used in the US, a single layer packaged food tray has been added to this list. It is proven to be better than the food trays made out of multi-layer materials and is also considered to help solve all the recycling woes being faced by the country.

Single layer packaging trays are perfectly designed to store poultry and meat. It can also be used to keep or store biscuits, cakes, chilled foods and fruit packaging. The United States of America is taking quite a few initiatives to turn into a zero-waste country. It started off with the plastic bag ban across many states and usage of wholesale reusable bags was instead initiated.

Single Layer Packaging Produced from Just One Substance

Since it is supposed to be an eco-friendly product, the food tray is produced from just one substrate called the mono amorphous polyethylene terephthalate. It is a substrate that offers way better levels of sealability, when compared with the materials used by the other food trays.

Single Layer Packaging Reduces Recycling Difficulties

Even the plastic recycling companies argue against using any such laminated and multi-layer materials to pack the food, as it makes it quite difficult while separating the materials during recycling. Since quite some time, the meat industry has been using food trays made out of multi-layer and laminated packaging materials in order to ensure adequate heat sealing.

Growing Industry for Usage of Recyclable Products

The entire world is trying to invest in products or practices that somehow revolve around reusing and recycling. In fact, there is a continuously growing industry for the same, which involves a lot of residents demanding for reusable and recyclable products such as food trays, grocery bags and other items.

All this is forming a closed loop system, which can help in reusing the products. Mono-materials are found to be easily recyclable and also reusable, which means that the entire goal of reaching an environment friendly country can be eventually reached.

Even though these single layer packaging food trays have just gotten out into the market, they are becoming increasingly popular as the days pass. Eventually they will over-throw the multi-layer packaging industry and help in efficient recycling of the food trays.

In order for these eco-friendly items to become more popular, there have to be educative and promotional programs conducted by the council members in every city. This will not only help in making people more eco-minded but also help in bringing down the levels of pollution.


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