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Recycling More of a Habit in Ashe County

recycling more in ashe county

Counties where people complain about too much plastic waste going into landfills could take a cue from Ashe County. The people of Ashe County are proactive, they co-operate with the authorities and consciously make all possible efforts to recycle waste, reduce wastage as well as reuse as much as possible.

Ashe County Residents Committed Towards Recycling

The average of recycling, public as well as household, in Ashe County is exemplary. The data presented by N.C. Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR) show that Ashe County is way ahead of the state recycling average of the state.

Out of the 100 counties in the state, Ashe County occupies the 29th position in total public recycling and the 32nd position in common household recyclables. Common household recyclable items are aluminum cans, newspapers and cardboard as well as glass. Refrigerators, used tires, electronic goods and motor oil are other items which are also recycled. People here use promotional reusable bags to reduce plastic waste.

The director of Environmental Services for Ashe County, Scott Hurley gives credit where it is due. According to him, it is the commitment of residents of Ashe County towards recycling that got the county these rankings. The administration has done its bit by providing many recycling options at the landfills as well as convenience centers and the citizens have left no stone unturned to utilize them to the fullest. There are also containers placed at schools for students and teachers to dispose recyclable waste.

Still, people can improve their recycling scores further by putting in some more efforts and being more cautious when they toss waste into trashcans. It is upon the authorities as well as residents to work together and make the place more beautiful, clean as well as green. With the record that they have achieved and maintained, it does not seem to be hard task for them.

Ashe County Has Recycling Messages on Promotional Reusable Bags

Saving the environment is a cause which requires joint efforts from all parts of the society. Along with administrative authorities and residents, retailers and environmental organizations can also encourage and promote eco-friendly living by using promotional reusable bags.

This will spread more awareness about going green and reducing plastic waste, which is extremely hazardous for the environment. Retailers should use more eco-friendly measures like offering reusable bags to customers and encouraging them to bring their own bags. Similarly, environmental organizations can distribute reusable bags to promote the idea of going green among all people.


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