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Recycling Officials in Delaware Eye Plastic Bags

delaware recycling officials bag ban

With major initiatives being taken all over America to ban or at least minimize the use of plastic bags, an increase in promotional reusable bags can be seen all around. The Recycling Public Advisory Council of Delaware is now thinking about its course of action in regard to single-use plastic bags.

The Law in Delaware

In 2009, a law was passed in Delaware that required all grocery stores to provide bins for the collection of clean plastic bags from customers. The idea was these bags will then be recycled and made available to customers for purchase. The same law also requires plastic bag manufacturers to offer educational materials to customers in order to encourage them to reuse, reduce and recycle plastic bags. The law expires only in December 2014.

Just last month, a resolution was passed by the state Senate which asked the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control and Delaware Solid Waste Authority to collaborate with other parties that are interested in developing a plan that has a new proposed legislation by January.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items in Delaware

In order to encourage the citizens of Delaware to increase the quantity of plastic they recycle, all stores that are 7,000 square feet or more have to participate in the carry-out bag recycling program. The government of Delaware is extremely inclined towards motivating its citizens to avoid the use of plastic all together. According to the recycle law,  stores must sell reusable bags in addition to recycling.

Stores usually purchase these bags in wholesale quantities from reusable bag manufactures. The reusable bags are now coming in a wide range of colors and designs to further interest and encourage customers. Along with the bags, educational material is provided on maintenance and hygienic practices when it comes to reusable bags.

The reusable bags that the government encourages citizen to use can be made of numerous materials. Recycled cotton and hemp are two such materials. Using cotton bags that are recycled automatically cuts down the presence of harmful dyes, herbicides and pesticides. It also helps divert the textile waste that enters landfills apart from compelling users from carrying plastic bags.

Hemp usually lasts much longer than cotton and other materials. Bags crafted from hemp are usually the strongest as they are naturally resistant to UV light and mold. Hemp products and bags are enjoying much popularity all over the United States.


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