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Mayor Tightens the Recycling Program of Salt Lake County

salt lake county recycling program

The residents of Salt Lake County will have to pull up their socks and improve their current recycling effort. Mayor of the county, Ben McAdams, is not very happy with the results of the existing recycling programs. He has appealed the residents of the county to try harder and recycle at a larger scale.

The Mayor recently challenged the county residents to double their volume of recycling materials in the following two years. By doing this, he hopes to raise the local recycling rate of the county to come up to the national recycling average.

Launch of a New Recycling Campaign to Double the Recycling Rate of the County

At a recent press conference, McAdams revealed the details of a new campaign to double the recycling rate of the county. This new recycling program will be promoted on a large scale in the whole county in coming weeks. Posters of the campaign will be hung at all the important public places. Recycling information will also be displayed in wraps that will be placed at the sides of the trucks that are used for carrying recyclable material.

McAdams said that attaining the goals of this new program will prove very beneficial for the environment, the wallets of the residents and also the economy of the county. He cited a few statistics to stress on the importance of recycling and to motivate the residents in joining the newer, improved recycling drive. He stated that 17 trees can be saved by recycling a single ton of paper. Coming to the economic advantages of the recycling program, he said that recycling helps by creating a large number of employment opportunities.

The residents of the county are presently doing their bit for the environment and recycling materials. McAdams pointed out that the residents need to work harder and need to put in their best as a lot of recyclable items are still making their way into the landfills.

Promoting the Habit of Recycling Among People With Eco Friendly Promotional Items

Businesses of the county can help in this program by informing and educating people about the benefits of the recycling program. They can use eco friendly promotional items to create awareness among people about the need of recycling. These eco friendly promotional items can not only help in making people understand the need as well as importance of recycling but will also help the businesses in promoting their business. The community, the economy and the environment can all benefit from this promotion.


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