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Recycling Resources for Plastic Bags are Available for Grocery Chains in the US

plastic bag recycling resources grocery chains

The Post consumer Plastics Recyclers Association in the United States of America has recently announced the availability of recycling resources that were created to assist grocery chains recycle. Recycling resources that are made available to the grocery stores will help with the recycling of more number of recycled plastic bag covers and containers, which the stores will use and throw.

The program is called as Recycle Grocery Rigid Plastics, and is aimed at encouraging the recycling process of over 350 million pounds of plastic waste, which includes covers and containers. All the collected plastics is the annual waste generated by the various grocery stores across the United States of America. For instance, a bakery tends to generate large amounts of plastic container wastes, as do the seafood stores, deli stores and pharmacies.

The Recycling Resources Might Be Implemented as a Full-Scale Program

The recycling program was piloted at Hannaford Bros., which is a subsidiary of Delhaize America. Also, it is practiced at Shop and Stop, which is the subsidiary of Ahold USA. Since the recycling programs are very necessary for the betterment of the environment, the program might be implemented on a larger scale in order to collect and recycle the plastic containers at all store locations.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items and Recycling Plays Major Role in Zero Waste Plan

Along with using eco-friendly promotional items such as wholesale reusable bags and electric vehicles, recycling of plastic waste also plays a major role in the country’s zero waste strategy. If you end up throwing recyclable items, you are literally throwing that money away. Waste diversion programs such as this recycling program, can help reduce trash volume and generate cost savings. The stores can end up paying really less in order to have the trash picked up as there will be very less to throw away.

Hannaford has so far been known as an eco-minded company and recycling the plastic containers has always been an important part of the company’s green practices. Most companies are practicing more green practices as the consumers prefer buying products from companies that are going green. It is one way by which the consumers and manufacturers can keep a check on their carbon footprint.

Using reusable totes has become a common practice in many cities in the United States of America, which is surely going to bring down the levels of plastic waste in the country. Recycling the waste will also show similar results in the coming years.


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