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Recycling Will Continue at the Slack Center Even During Renovations

slack center recycling during renovations

The residents of Charleston can continue to drop off their recyclable material at the Slack Street recycling center even as the center transfers its ownership from the Kanawha County Solid Waste Authority to the privately operated West Virginia Recycling Services. According to Rod Watkins, board member of the West Virginia Recycling Services, the operations of the recycling center were turned over by the authorities on December 18. He also mentioned that there would be a transition period between 30 and a maximum of 45 days before operations could be taken over by the company.

Collection Carries on Even as Processing Stops in Slack Center

The Slack Street Recycling Center will however remain open even during the transition period and will carry on collecting recyclables in bins that will be placed near the center. The material from these bins will then be processed at Jackson or Beckley County. Even though the Center continues to function this way, the Kanawha County Solid Waste Authority is losing its finances due to this long-hauled procedure.

Slack Center Production of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items and Other Products Halted

All operations at the Slack Center were closed due to discovery of certain structural issues and combustible dust since March 2012. George Hunyadi, a partner at West Virginia Recycling Services, says that the center will continue to accept material at the site and store them till it is ready for full functioning. Large-scale processing of recyclable materials into eco friendly promotional items and other products will not be possible until renovations are completed at the Slack Center. One of the key renovations that the center needs is replacement of the weighing scale. This will help in accurately measuring the amount of the processed material.

West Virginia Recycling Services has already lost $30,000 last December alone and Mr. Hunyadi hopes to have the weighing scale installed and have the center running in a time span of two months to compensate the loss. The major tasks that lie ahead for Mr. Hunyadi are to finalize the list of employees and to find a new executive director. The present Interim Executive Director, Jeannie Gunter has not indicated any keen interest in retaining the position permanently.

Renovations may cost approximately 1.2 million

Apart from the losses incurred in December, it will also cost close to $300,000 to get the centre operational, and additional renovation will be carried out as the agency begins to earn profit from recycled products like eco friendly promotional items. The estimated expenditure may come close to 1.2 million dollars. Hunyadi is looking to source labor from workers locally to renovate the structure that is about 100 years old.

Through all this, the public may not face much change as the center continues to take recyclable material in bins located near it and process it elsewhere.


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