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Recycling Your Electronics to Keep the Environment Green

Keep Savannah Beautiful and the Great American Cleanup

On March 1, the city of Savannah began with its four-month long Great Savannah Cleanup program. In this program residents will get to recycle their old consumer electronics to help clean up the environment in their own way. While the city of Savannah and the organizations, ‘Keep Savannah Beautiful’ and the ‘Great American Cleanup’ must be commended for their efforts to start this eco-friendly program, more awareness needs to be created about electronic recycling.

What Is Recycling Your Electronics?

Electronic recycling is the reuse or recycling of electronic items. It could either be handing them down for somebody else to use, or dismantling the items and safely extracting the components, so that they can be used once again in other products. If electronic items are disposed off by either dumping them in landfills or burning them, dangerous elements like mercury and lead can be released, poisoning the ground, polluting the air, and ultimately harming our environment. The other obvious advantage is that electronic recycling can help in bringing down the cost of production of new electronic items.

Recycling Your Electronics Is the Need of the Hour

Events and drives like the ‘Great Savannah Cleanup’ are the need of hour to protect our environment. According to a report in the Forbes magazine, only 12.5 percent (as of 2011) of electronic waste has been recovered. Recycling your electronics should now be seen as a social responsibility and priority.

Besides, recycling electronics is not just beneficial to the environment. It makes for sound commercial sense, as well. The most hazardous of components in electronics are generally the rare earth metals. When electronic devices are recycled, these rare earth materials can be sourced for reuse in myriad new electronic devices. This means that no more mines need to be dug for finding these rare metals. The cost of recycling thus significantly reduces the cost of production for these new devices, while striking a blow for the health of our planet, as well.

To protect the planet from various hazardous materials used in electronics, you make the conscious decision to recycle electronic waste responsibly. Contact your local municipal body, get help from your friends or increase awareness about e-recycling by yourself. Encourage such endeavors, and spread the word around. Certain companies even come up with eco-friendly promotional items to spread awareness about recycling e-waste or disposing it responsibly. Such initiatives can help the planet in a long run.


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