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Promotion of Eco-Friendly bags to Celebrate the 125th Anniversary of Redlands City

redlands city promote eco-bags to celebrate

Albertson’s in Redlands city has added their name to the list of environmentally conscious companies by releasing the new eco-friendly bags to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the city. In this age of globalization and increasing competition in businesses, many companies are showing inclination towards cost-effective, eco-friendly practices to reduce their expenditure. With increased concerns about the conservation of the environment, it is obvious that shifting interest towards eco-friendly practices is nothing but profitable.

Purpose and Design of Eco-Friendly Bags to Celebrate

These new reusable bags carry the official 125th Anniversary logo on them, which has been designed and printed by Richard Pennington of Pennington Designs. The bags are currently available at Redland’s corporation stores on Cypress Avenue and Redlands Boulevard. The design is unique in a way that it not only portrays the city’s commitment towards conservation of nature by promoting eco bags, but also showcases the rich cultural history and the natural diversity of the place through the logo printed on the bags. A second set of customized bags carries a logo of Hangar 24 Craft Brewery was endorsed by the stores and given to customers along with their purchases.

The logo primarily showcases the extensive landscape with the orange groves, the Redlands Bowl, the University of Redlands, the Kimberly Crest, and other important attractions of the city. The eco bags cost $3 a pair and since they are reusable and are made of a strong material, they are expected to last longer. The concept of the bags materialized between Mike Enright who is the store manger and the Mayor Pro Tem Paul Foster during a convention while planning the Anniversary celebrations for the city.

Businesses in the City Accepting the Eco-Friendly Bags to Celebrate

These bags were initially released on the 1st of December and various stores and businesses in the city have readily bought the bags to sell to the customers within the next few weeks. In an attempt to introduce something new and interesting in the next edition of the sacs, the proprietors are experimenting with unique ideas. The introduction of these new eco bags was such a huge success among the city folks that the organization is inclined to introduce more eco-friendly promotional items for the stores in the future. Carl Baker, a city spokesman, said that he is particularly proud of the small businesses and environment-conscious organizations to have participated readily towards the cause and made it a successful endeavor.


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