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Reduce Toxic Litter with Reusable Bags

reduce toxic litter

There is an increasing awareness among people about the ill-effects of plastic bags on the environment. Environmentalists are also promoting campaigns that are geared at minimizing the use of plastic bags.

Reusable Bags Fixing the Environmental Quality

Plastic bags can be seen hanging from tree branches or clogging drain pipes. In most cities, it is quite common to see plastic bags lying in the puddle or being blown by the wind on the streets. Studies have shown that as many as 380 billion plastic bags are used in the US, with only 11 percent of them being reused.

These figures are concerning because plastic bags take thousands of years to decompose. Moreover, plastic bags decompose through a process known as photodegradation, which requires sunlight. Since most plastic bags are dumped in landfills, they get buried and do not receive sunlight. Lack of sunlight further delays the process of decomposition. A lot of plastic bags and plastic waste is also trashed into the oceans. As plastic is made of petroleum, it starts releasing toxins in the ocean water, which has a serious ecologic impact.

Wholesale reusable bags are focused on ensuring that people understand the impact of these wasteful habits and choose to reuse bags for their complete lifespan. There are also a number of donation drives that environmentalists have launched to get people to donate reusable bags. The collected bags are then handed over to organizations that could benefit from old plastic bags or recycle them.

Getting the Best out of Wholesale Reusable Bags

Wholesale reusable bags help in limiting the use of plastic bags. Moreover, reusable bags are comparatively better in quality and last longer than plastic bags. These environmentally friendly bags can easily be incorporated into businesses through branded promotional merchandise. The bags will help businesses in promoting an ‘environmentally friendly’ image among customers while boosting their reputation.

To make sure that you always carry reusable bags with you while shopping, you can keep some of them in your car. This way the chances of having to rely on the paper or plastic bags provided at the stores will be reduced. Once you get into this habit, you can also try other eco-friendly options like opting for organic food and do on. You can also try to educate people around you about the benefits of environmentally friendly living and why it is the need of the hour.


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