The residents of Portage, Michigan are all ready to get a taste of organic freshness as Earth Fare, a grocery chain that calls itself ‘The Healthy Supermarket' is coming up on South Westnedge Avenue. The project is being developed by Hinman Co., a Portage based developer, and is expected to open its doors to customers by December this year.

Go Organic, Go Healthy, Go Earth Fare

Organic and healthy are the current buzzwords in the food industry right now and there is no dearth of stores offering such wares to customers. One such outfit, Earth Fare, is all set to open its outlet in Portage, MI in a few months. Calling itself ‘The Healthy Supermarket', the store's philosophy consists of not selling products containing high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives trans fats or synthetic growth hormones in dairy and meat. The store is a full service supermarket with products ranging from meat, bread, seafood, wines, beer, dried goods, and herbal supplements. It also has food stations offering healthy variants of pizza, cookies, sushi and salads. that can be either taken home or consumed in the store itself.

Locals are quite excited and intrigued by the arrival of Earth Fare. They are delighted that the presence of such a specialty store will give them more options now and will also offer products that were previously not available in other supermarkets in the area. As Earth Fare also commits itself to buying its products from local farms and artisans, it is another reason for locals to be happy about the new development. The planned shopping complex consists of a total of 50,000 sq ft of retail space out of which the healthy supermarket is taking up 3,200 sq ft. This means there is also a lot of space for new businesses to consider the location.

Going Green with Eco-Friendly Promotional Items at Earth Fare

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