Choosing the appropriate respiratory masks for your family is crucial to keeping everyone healthy. You can use different types of people, and you can order large sets of these masks if you would like to hand them out to your friends and family.

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Traditional Reusable Respiratory Masks

You can go with the traditional reusable mask when you want coverage from your chin to your nose. These masks are FDA-approved and CE certified, and they can be used when you are in a hurry. You might also be in search of something that doesn't fit too tightly to your face. This is a good mask for your company especially if you will use them for a short period of time only to throw them out.

Fabric Respiratory Masks

When you are looking for basic fabric masks, you can add filters in between the soft inner cotton and outer polyester. You can order these respiratory masks with special designs that make them more fun for kids to wear. You can use these masks when you want a little bit of protection from illness or allergens. Families can even wash them for repeated use.

The KN95 or N95 Masks

When you want something that is serious and gives you full coverage, you can use the KN95 or N95 respiratory masks that has a special nose clip that gives you the best fit. The straps go behind your head, and the outline of the mask fits to your face perfectly. 

Wear These Masks to Stay Safe

You should wear these respiratory masks to stay safe because you want you and your family to stay safe. Business managers can order masks for their employees, or you can hand them out to your neighbors so that everyone stays safe. You have to be careful with viruses, allergens, and bacteria in the air, and a full mask will do the trick.