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Retail Organic Market Trying to Bring a Healthy Change in the Society

retail organic market healthy society

The organic industry has seen a significant growth since its inception. Organic beverages and foods accounted for $1 billion in the 1990s. In 2013, the market gained $26 million through its sales. This has encouraged many entrepreneurs to consider starting their own organic businesses.

How Are Organic Markets Helping in Keeping the Community Eco-Friendly?

Setting up an organic business is relatively simple. It basically requires a local farm supply source, website, brand name, a PayPal account, and a location. But the real challenge lies in maintaining the business. As entry level barriers are less in this market, the possibility of a failure or discontinuation of the business within five years is quite high. Around 50% of organic retail businesses start failing within the initial five years of inception. This rate is even worse when it comes to online organic retail businesses.

Differentiation strategy is one of the key factors that help retail organic market. This means businesses need to clearly mention the benefits consumers will get from their products. They also need to differentiate themselves from all other local competitors. So it is important that organic food retailers have a connection with their consumers. This connection can help in popularizing their business.

An alumni of Stanford, Kiki Heinzer, and a private chef, Jodi Remenap, came together to form KLEAN which is a premium delivery service that provides meals. This service aims at helping people in weight management, weight loss, and nutrition. Jodi and Kiki said that an increase in obesity among people inspired them to come up with this idea. KLEAN provides proportioned meals to its subscribers for six days a week. These meals are macronutrient balanced. Kiki and Jodi make sure that the food provided by them does not compromise with flavor. They offer tasty as well as healthy food to their customers and this is what has made them popular.

Another company that believes in connecting with its customers is Mission Root. It was formed by Barr Hogan and Soham Patel. The company deals with Ayurvedic beverages that are meant to boost and detoxify the immune system. The company also donates 5% of its profit to a school meal program called Akshaya Patra.

Making a Connect at an Eco-Friendly Organic Market

Apart from choosing organic food, many people have also started opting for eco friendly products. Businesses are also trying to promote themselves using eco friendly promotional items. These products not just help businesses in increasing their sales but also in keeping the environment pollution free.


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