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Company Makes Ten Thousand Reusable Bags to Support Plastic Bag Ban

Bijan’s Protective Equipment of Santa Rosa has started manufacturing reusable bags on a very large-scale basis

Fueled by the recent ban on single use thin plastic bags by Sonoma County officials and its citizens urging more employment opportunities to be created within the country, Bijan’s Protective Equipment of Santa Rosa has started manufacturing reusable bags on a very large-scale basis.

Make a Green Gesture by Using Reusable Bags at the County Fair

The Sonoma County Waste Management Agency will be benefited by 10,000 wholesale reusable bags being manufactured by Bijan’s after the use of plastic bags all over the county was decided to be banned. The bags and trendy and can be used many times. Effective September 1, no shops or stores, big or small, grocery, retail or pharmaceutical, can store single-use plastic bags and must charge 10 cents for papers bags. To help shoppers overcome the portability issue of the merchandise bought, these reusable bags will be made available very soon by the SCWM Agency at the County Fair in the Grace Pavilion.

The event will highlight the ban and prepare shoppers to keep themselves well equipped in a timely manner so their shopping experiences are not hampered. And since the residents of the County were unhappy that so many foreign nations were benefiting from these bans because their reusable bags sales were soaring, the Agency hunted for a local manufacturer to deal with the demands of such bags and with the help of Sonoma County BEST, they got to know about Bijan’s.

Bijan’s started out as a company that manufactured knee pads and elbow pads for skateboarders, and then started manufacturing military equipments such as duffel bags and face masks. As defense budgets are all set to be trimmed, the company is looking to expand its product line and has already started manufacturing products for animals such as vet raincoats. So with the help of local sponsors like Whole Foods and Alvarado Bakery, the SCWM Agency awarded a part of the contract to Bijan’s, another part to an Alhambra company that will import 10,000 bags from China to make the move cost-effective. The China made bags will cost $1.20 and the ones from Bijan’s will be $3.50 each.

Sonoma County Says Yes to Wholesale Reusable Bags

Local vendors engaged in silk-screening such reusable bags will also benefit from this legislation. So, the environment gets rid of the harmful thin plastics on a large scale basis, animals and birds will no longer be smothered by these bags to death and landfills will see lesser non-recyclable plastics in the pile of waste that needs to be recycled. There are so many reasons for wholesale reusable bags to become a must-buy for all shoppers in Sonoma County.


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