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After Two Years of Debate, Reusable Bags Win in LA

the bag ban targeted grocery stores that provided plastic bags, charging a fee for them.

A city ordinance tabled almost two years ago will now see plastic bans be officially banned from the city of Los Angeles. The ban is particularly targeted towards smaller grocery stores that, until now, continued to provide plastic bags, charging a small fee for them. The news of the ban has garnered mixed receptions among customers and grocery store owners.

Some owners have commented that the extra cost of purchasing and using paper bags will affect their monthly revenues in an unsustainable manner. Nevertheless, city officials are hell bent on instituting the ban in the hope that the city’s waterways and landfills remain cleaner.

Bag Ban Widens to Small Stores and Support Reusable Bags

The phasing out period for plastic bags in Los Angeles began two years ago, when, in the quest towards cleaner water and landfills, officials moved to introduce a small charge of between 10 and 15 cents on plastic bags. The charge was to deter store owners from providing plastic bags, and encouraging customers to bring their own paper or wholesale reusable bags. However, the introduction of the charge seemed to have backfired as store owners, instead of eliminating plastic bag use, began offering thicker plastic bags able to carry increased weight.

The enforced transition from plastic bags to more environmentally friendly alternatives of paper or wholesale reusable bags may cause some shopkeepers to lose customers. Some store owners, like that of Cloverdale Market, have stated that in order to protect the business, they have had to burden themselves with the cost of the paper bags, rather than transfer it onto the customers.

Despite this, the ban will undeniably do wonders to protect the natural resources of the landscape, including beaches and oceans. The city of Los Angeles though, is not the first ones to institute a plastic bag ban. Cities within the state like San Francisco, Long Beach and San Jose have already introduced similar bans. Recently, a plastic bag ban was also implemented across Chicago, with New York City officials also deliberating on a such a proposal.

Eco-Friendly Wholesale Reusable Bags in Demand

The clear purpose of the ban is to encourage customers to use their own wholesale reusable bags when going shopping. While the charge on plastic bags did not encounter much success, the plastic bag ban, accompanied with a higher charge levied on paper bags, will surely prove to be more effective. Customers will make a more conscious effort to carry their own customizable wholesale reusable bags to grocery stores, thereby vastly reducing waste in and around the city landfills and waterways.


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