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Change Your Diet With The Reusable Insulated Backpacks!

Never buy lunch at work with the reusable insulated backpacks

Bringing your lunch to work is an easy way to save anywhere from fifty to one hundred dollars a week, and save a lot of calories in the process. Most people skip bringing their lunch and opt for eating out instead because of how time-consuming prepping food is, but also how cumbersome it is to bring a big lunch bag to work. Not only does the lunch bag need to be big, but it needs to be insulated to keep the food and drinks inside cool from the time you get up until lunch. One of the other downsides of a traditional lunch bag is that you have to carry it, which if you’re like me and bring a bag to work anyway, can be a big inconvenience. This is why Custom Earth Promos’ designed the reusable insulated backpacks are sixteen inches wide and twenty inches high, and made from highly durable 80 GSM non-woven polypropylene. The large side of the reusable insulated backpacks provides ample carrying space and is available in black, royal blue, lime green, red, and burgundy so that you can choose the color that best matches your organization’s logo. The reusable insulated backpacks are recyclable and reusable so that they are proven to withstand the test of time. The reusable insulated backpacks include an insulated inner compartment for maintaining ideal food temperature, and comes with an extra mesh pocket and small inner pocket to carry utility items. As an added feature, the reusable insulated backpacks come with a draw cord closure to protect contents from falling out and includes a short carry handle for more carrying comfort.

Reusable Insulated Backpacks are a Great Promotion Tool

Custom Earth Promos strives to not only provide the highest quality products available, but products that meet the highest environmental standards. The reusable insulated backpacks are no exception, as they are made from entirely recyclable materials. The reusable insulated backpacks have a large imprint area of ten inches by five inches and five inches by ten inches for maximum brand exposure.

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