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Hand Out Reusable Promotional Retail Bags

reusable promotional retail bags

Youngsters in Newbury Port are now finding innovative ways to spend their summers and bring about green revolutions in their locality. Conor McManamy, who has already participated in many green drives, is now encouraging more people to use reusable bags that

A green initiative can be reused by making them available in local stores

Taking up this green initiative as a summer project, Conor has already visited many stores to sell the reusable bags and out of the 2,500 manufactured bags, 196 have already been sold. Store keepers are selling these bags at $2 each and many more owners are enthusiastic to do their bit to improve the environment by stocking up on such bags. The first buyer of these reusable bags was City Councilor Bruce Vogel, who also owns the Plum Island Coffee Roasters. Conor has also approached the local Council to get some help in the sale of these bags and is currently waiting for their response.

This may seem like a small effort to deal with a monstrous menace that has been preying on the lives of many animals, birds and many human beings for a long time now. However, with such efforts becoming more popular in every city of the country, there are lesser single-use plastics strewn on the roads and water bodies, which, had they accumulated at the rate they were being done before, would have taken many more lives.

McManamy has urged people to visit the site to get more details about the bags under the heading Better Bags for Newburyport. The proceeds from the sale of the promotional retail bags will be donated to the Sierra Club. So these bags are not only environment friendly but will also serve a better cause by benefiting the Club, which in turn will benefit the people who depend on it for aid.

We need more reusable promotional retail bags

Promotional retail bags that can be reused and recycled are now becoming increasingly popular with businesses. Single-use plastics cannot be recycled and end up adding to an already large landfill that causes a lot of toxic emissions that kill thousands of living organisms, large and small, each year. Using recyclable bags made out of natural products will save a lot of money for the shoppers and the retails store owners and will also help the environment become cleaner. Use of these bags in the long run will ensure our future generation have a safe and clean environment to live in.


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