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Opt for Reusable Shopping Bag and Zipped Reusable Lunchbox Bag

reusable shopping bag

An increase has been seen in the number of people wanting to lead a plastic free life out of environmental concerns. Rachel Ostroy, is one such person who tried to make her eco-friendly efforts count. She vowed to do away with plastic bags several years ago and eventually went on to achieve her goal.

Reusable Zip Locked Bags for Carrying Food

Rachel, a mom decided a few years ago that she will not purchase any plastic bags. She looked for an alternative every where but didn’t find any. She searched online for some options with no success when she decided that she had to do something about it on her own.

Rachel knew exactly what she wanted. She was looking for bags that were lunch box sized or big enough to store snacks or food. More precisely, she wanted PVC free bags. These bags had also to be free of phthalates and BPA.

She knew how exactly the bag needed to be. She wanted it to be light and fairly strong . In other words, she did not want its utility value to be anything less than the original plastic bag.

The bag she was looking for was not the use and throw kind of paper bag but the one that could sustain many washings without deteriorating in quality. In other words, no matter how the bag was washed, whether by hand or mechanically, it had to sustain. Earlier, she used to wash plastic bags and use them again and again but used to feel guilty whenever she had to throw one away.

Finally, Rachel stumbled upon Neat-os. These plastic bags come with zipper at the top. Neat-os are food safe plastic reusable bags. The kids, in addition, can custom design any art of their choice on them.

Reusable Shopping Bag Can Be Another Option

It is important to develop the habit of carrying reusable shopping bag. The glutting trash is a real environmental concern that can be addressed to an extent with reusable bags. The reusable bag, should in addition, be made of safe material if one is required to carry food stuff in it. Bags made of cloth are ideal for shopping as they can be used multiple times. However, it is also important to wash reusable bags regularly to ensure that they remain hygienic. There can be several other alternatives like Neat-os. These eco-friendly initiatives will help in making a long term impact.


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