Jute tote bags are rapidly becoming an excellent eco-friendly promotional business solution. Wholesale jute tote bags from Custom Earth Promos are made from 100% natural jute, are reusable and recyclable. Jute is a plant, produced mainly in India, especially Bangladesh. Tote bags made from jute are stylish and handy.

The use of jute tote bags has a positive effect on customers, clients, and employees. Jute tote bags are practical and convenient. They fold easily for storage purposes, and they provide an opportunity for all to be more eco-aware. The promotional tote bags are durable, long lasting and do not require regular washing. One of the advantages of jute bags is that they do not need to be thrown away after use. They can be reused for so many purposes, including as a shopping bag, personal bag, book bag, beach bag, gym bag, lunch bag, office bag and are great for children, too. The jute tote bags are low maintenance. If the jute bag gets dirty, it can be washed along with regular laundry.

Custom jute tote bags can be used for years. Everywhere the customer goes with one of the reusable wholesale jute tote bags, people will see the company logo and message. This kind of advertising is cost-effective and invaluable, therefore making them wonderful advertisement tools. Those potential clients will not only see the company's logo, but it will also highlight the fact that the business cares about the environment.

Customers who are concerned about the environment will also appreciate the fact that CEP's jute tote bags are eco-friendly products. The jute tote bags are made from a soft material, and are 100% bio-degradable. They are made from a product that is a renewable and sustainable resource. The jute bags are non-polluting or toxic to humans or the environment, even when they are burned or decay.

Our jute tote bags are ideal for reducing the carbon footprint for companies, and the customers, clients and employees who use them over and over again. They also help reduce the strain on earth's natural resources, landfill waste and energy consumption.