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New Center for Sustainable Transportation in Riverside

center for sustainable transportation riverside

According to recent news, researchers associated with the University of California (Riverside) will be associated with newly formed Sustainable Transportation Center. This is the new National Research Center that will be funded with $11.2 million contributed by state, federal and local money. The purpose of the project is to help reduce green house gas emissions.

Eco-Friendly Transportation Move by University of California

The Sustainable Transportation Research Center is a newly established research center to which the addition of researchers from University of California, Riverside along with adequate research funding will make a huge environmental impact. The National Center for Sustainable Transportation will conduct research whose benefits will be applied by the US Department of Transportation.

The purpose of the project is to reduce the greenhouse emissions from vehicular sources including freight and passenger vehicles and make a difference to the environment. In other words, with the application of research inputs from the Center in the transport industry, it is expected that the transportation industry will contribute in a big way to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The National Center is proposed to be located within University of California, Davis campus.

The program at the University of California, Riverside will be led by the Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT) which is a part of the Bourns College of Engineering. The director, CE-CERT, Matthew will assist the national center’s director as associate director. A number of cutting edge programs are currently proposed at CE-CERT for which the funds have already been allocated. While the federal fund to the tune of $5.6 million has been granted, a matching fund of the same amount comes from local, regional and state resources.

Promoting Green Transportation with Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Environmentalism is probably the crying need of the present day. Every individual and every organization including profit companies are expected to play a huge role in creating right and sustainable conditions for the survival of planet earth. In other words, all of them need to promote eco friendly promotional items. More precisely, every effort needs to be made towards replacement of environmentally damaging items with environment friendly items. It calls for huge research funding so that we may come out with alternative products including alternative energy sources that may become commercially viable.


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